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Title: Strayed again. Results unknown till the next range trip
Post by: M1A4ME on May 10, 2019, 06:57:16 PM
Been eyeing those FDE SIG's.  I like the color, don't like the looks.

I like the looks of the FNS but I don't think I've ever seen one in FDE and the safety models are hard to find (not to mention the possibility of getting one that had the recall out on it for firing when bumped - long story, you can look it up - but the owner never sent it in to be modified).  I like that skinny looking top/front of the slide on the FNS.  Especially the long slide model.

Then, at the gun show last weekend I saw several M&P's (9MM and .40 S&W) in FDE with long slides and safeties.  AND the slide is skinny on the top and front, similar to the FNS long slide.

Then I got an e-mail from Grab a Gun and the M&P 5" 9MM in FDE with the safeties was on sale for $405.  Got to doing some reading and found they had ambidextrous slide release buttons, a loaded chamber indicator, a change in design that resulted in the barrel unlocking a bit later than the first models and some changes to the trigger mechanism.  Supposedly the ones tested by the US Army had to be capable of shooting 4" groups at 50 meters (not sure I can though).

So, I ordered one yesterday.  It came in to the FFL today and I picked it up a little bit ago.  Brought it home, field stripped it, cleaned it (dirtiest barrel on a new gun I think I ever bought), lubed it and put it back together. 

Trigger is funny.  Pulls back easy enough and stops.  Not sure of the trigger pull effort/lbs. but it breaks cleanly but feels kind of heavy.

Then I remembered - the MANTIS.  Got it out, attached it to the rail and did a couple 10 shot strings of dry fire.  95.7 on the first 10 shots and 94.5 on the second 10 shots (an 88 did me in on that one - sometimes I get this really low number I just can't explain, it felt good, till I see the number and it's a surprise).

Anyway, I got to looking for my can of M&P 9MM magazines in the garage but found the .40/.357 magazines.  Inside was one 9MM magazine (no idea how that got in the wrong can....)  So, till I find the 9MM magazine can I've got three magazines.

Then, I got to (sort of) remembering trying the M&P magazines in a CZ one day.  I remembered the 3 left over +2 magazine bases I had in the cabinet and grabbed them.  Took one of the M&P magazines apart and sure enough, the +2 fits perfectly.  Took the bases off the other two and put +2's on them as well.  So, now I have three 19 round M&P 9MM magazines.

Now, to get to the range early next week and shoot it to see if it will beat the old M&P 9MM I parked in the safe several years ago.

It's purty, but will it "run" near the front of the pack or tail end Charlie???


Go ahead, talk bad about me.  I don't mind.
Title: Re: Strayed again. Results unknown till the next range trip
Post by: adrian on May 10, 2019, 07:52:13 PM
     Hiya and thanks for the thread M1A4ME. Thats a nice pistol mate. I'm pretty sure my 60 or so years have taught me the whole trip is to short,and in life or the range,take your best shot and don't worry bout what they say. Be well.
Title: Re: Strayed again. Results unknown till the next range trip
Post by: holidaypf on May 10, 2019, 08:04:02 PM
I really like those M&Ps.
Title: Re: Strayed again. Results unknown till the next range trip
Post by: Earl Keese on May 10, 2019, 08:07:22 PM
I love the ergos on those. Hope it's a good shooter.
Title: Re: Strayed again. Results unknown till the next range trip
Post by: M1A4ME on May 20, 2019, 08:47:33 PM
Well, range trip results in the range sub forum.  It's okay, doesn't hang with the P09 9MM or a couple of the CZ75 Compacts but it has some potential.

Got the APEX trigger kit put in this evening.  Dropped the trigger pull from 5.5 lbs. to 3&1/4 lbs.  Reset is phenomenal.  It clicks, I stop letting it move forward when I hear/feel it reset.  Then when I start to pull there is no rearward movement I can feel prior to it releasing the striker.

If I let the trigger move forward past the felt/heard reset then there is a small amount of rearward movement I can feel between where the trigger stops and where it releases the striker.

I also ran two 10 round dry fires sessions with the Mantis.  I was surprised.  First 10 averages out at 94.5 and the second 10 at 95.9.  I believe one of the 10 round dry fires sets with the stock (5.5 lbs.) trigger was better, but don't remember the number exactly.  Something between 96 and 97.

Might get to the range Wednesday if everything works out okay.  The new trigger kit is SWEET.  Best striker fired pistol I've shot and one of my old M&P's has an APEX CAEK set up in it.  Not even in the same league as the 2.0 with the forward set trigger/striker block, etc.
Title: Re: Strayed again. Results unknown till the next range trip
Post by: cousinmark on May 20, 2019, 09:53:13 PM
    Congratulations on the 2.0. For the price they're hard to beat. I've got the 4" compact in 9mm, with the safety as well. I'm good with the factory trigger and love the grip. Like you said the audible reset is nice. I did put a set of night sights on her. The best thing is that S&W produces virtually the same pistol in .22. My wife is a novice shooter but wants to become proficient, she trains with the .22 as she still finds the 9mm a handful. Being the controls are identical she's adept enough to use the 9mm if need be but can perfect her trigger control with the .22 :-)
Title: Re: Strayed again. Results unknown till the next range trip
Post by: Trevor300wsm on May 20, 2019, 11:33:41 PM
I have 2 of the 4? M&P 2.0?s in 9mm. For what I want in a CC pistol, it fits my needs better than anything else available. My complaint with these, as with all the past M&P?s I?ve owned is that the accuracy is just simply lacking compared to other pistols I have. This has always been the case with the M&P?s that I?ve owned. Even Apex?d out, it?s still just not as accurate as others I have. Why?? After doing some research this seems to be a very well known issues with the M&P line. I?m not a GM level shooter, but I?m pretty decent, even out to 50yds. (I have my own range at my home). So this lack of accuracy isn?t me. I guess the next step would be to replace the barrel with an aftermarket.
Title: Re: Strayed again. Results unknown till the next range trip
Post by: skin on May 21, 2019, 02:43:14 AM
 Reminds me of an old song. Do it, do it, come on now do it till you're satisfied.
I've no problem with the s&W MP. For the price range and the intended purpose I think it's a good deal.
           Happy shooting !
Title: Re: Strayed again. Results unknown till the next range trip
Post by: M1A4ME on May 21, 2019, 07:00:51 AM
Supposedly (I read it on the internet) the 2.0's are more accurate by design than the 1.0.  I'm not sure I can say that yet, or based on the one pistol.  I don't have any intention of buying another one, regardless of how this ends up shooting.

I actually thought about buying a higher quality "match" barrel for my 1.0 FS 9MM but spending a couple hundred bucks on a barrel when I could buy a brand new 2.0 with 5" barrel, safeties, loaded chamber indicator and in FDE for $405 seemed the better deal.

In the end, it may end up in the safe with the two 1.0's.

When I finally found my old 17 round magazines they were all loaded with 147 grain hollow points (AA#5 powder) for the 1.0 M&P 9MM.  I'm going to shoot those the next time I go to the range to see how they do in this pistol.  I've got a bunch of them in boxes in the garage and the CZ's (so far) just won't shoot anything, powder wise, I've tried with 147's.  The 115's in the CZ's have spoiled me.
Title: Re: Strayed again. Results unknown till the next range trip
Post by: M1A4ME on June 16, 2019, 10:06:31 AM
Well, as related elsewhere (range trip) it won't shoot with the P07 or P09.

I messed up a thumb a few days back and between that and another project (new shed/man cave) I've not gotten to the range.

I paid $405 for the new M&P.

Not satisfied with the groups.

I paid around $165 for the Apex trigger kit.  Worth every penny.  That trigger is just awesome.

Still not satisfied with the groups and I can't say the Apex trigger helped there.

I paid $190 for an Apex barrel.  Got it yesterday and did a little stoning at the back there to get it to fit.  Nothing required at the other possible contact points (additional metal removal/fitting).  The slide is so sloppy/loose around the barrel that not only was no metal removal from the sides of the barrel required but you can put your finger on the end of the barrel and wobble it around some, even with the recoil spring/guide pushing rearward on the barrel.

The lockup around the barrel hood is really nice and tight though.  If (IFIFIFIFIF) the lockup back there is tight enough to make the barrel return to the same spot every time in relation to the slide, I may still see an improvement in groups.

Right now I've got a brand new M&P 2.0 5" FDE that has cost me right at twice what the P07 or P09 cost me and it is unknown whether or not it'll shoot with the CZ's.  I hope to find out one day this coming week.

Oh well, off to the sheds to see if I can get that old cafeteria table out of one shed, into the truck and into the new shed by myself.  That cast iron frame/legs is heavy duty (one reason it makes an excellent reloading bench.

Title: Re: Strayed again. Results unknown till the next range trip
Post by: Claymore504 on June 17, 2019, 07:12:41 AM
I got the same M2.0 when they first came out. Wife liked it much better than her FDE GLock 17, so sold the Glock and she took the M2.0. First range session for it was rough. Many failures to go into battery and very week ejection. It really liked hot ammo at first. It seems to be broken in now. I think they are huge improvements over the gen 1 guns.

I may end up putting an Apex trigger in it for her one day. The M&P really does shine with an Apex trigger. As you have found though, accuracy is fine, but just not at the same level as other guns like CZ and Sig.
Title: Re: Strayed again. Results unknown till the next range trip
Post by: KnightSchneider on June 20, 2019, 09:11:10 AM
I picked up an FDE 2.0; haven't had a chance to shoot it much yet, but really like it so far.

and i'm a sucker for the color...
Title: Re: Strayed again. Results unknown till the next range trip
Post by: M1A4ME on June 20, 2019, 10:02:36 AM
Well, got it to the range yesterday with the Apex barrel installed.  I won't go into detail here, but it's shooting better.  Maybe better than I could shoot it yesterday, as I didn't "shine" with the P01 either while trying the same ammo through it.  In fact, one or two of the M&P groups were a bit better than I shot with the P01.  Should be, too.  Between the pistol costs and the Apex parts is approaching $750.  Coulda really slicked up a nice CZ for that money.  I might learn, some day. 

Link to the range day thread for the results.
Title: Re: Strayed again. Results unknown till the next range trip
Post by: M1A4ME on July 04, 2019, 07:47:10 AM
Well, I ordered my second batch of small parts (some spares for the new pistol and some spares for the two older 1.0 M&P's in the safe).

Ran across a thread on arfcom, I think, where a guy said he got parts from Numrich Arms.  i went to their web site and dog gone if they don't have a big spread of parts.  A few years ago when I was trying to get 3 or 4 parts for one of the 1.0 M&P's I had to order a couple from one vendor and the other from another.

Anyway, as I was going through the little box of parts from Numrich something hit me.  Any of us that have ordered from CGW are aware of how our parts arrive.  Nice little zip loc bag with a label showing the parts description/number.  Man, that is so nice.  You pick the bag up, you read the label and you set the bag aside till you're to the step in your work where you need it.  Then, you pick the bag up and you know exactly what you've got.

The M&P parts from Numrich?  A big ziploc bag with a bunch of smaller ziploc bags inside and not a single piece of ID/description on any of the bags.  None.  Just a small part in a clear plastic bag.  I'll have to sit down with the page containing the ordered parts and use a sharpie to label all the bags so I know what I've got if I ever need of those parts to fix one of the M&P's.

Thank you CGW.