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Title: CZ 550 american
Post by: Super on June 23, 2019, 04:42:16 AM
Annyone here with this rifle? I have one chambered in 6,5x55 who I bought back in 2009 brand new.
Unfotunately I vandalized the rifle when I was younger and dumber, here in Norway it is very usual to use a sound moderator so I had the barrel cut at about 49 cm or so and treaded.

I lost a lot of velocity when I did this, I was brand new too shooting and wasent aware of it. Annyhow I use the sound moderator all the time, its a smal light one thats mostly build innward the barrel but it takes most of the recoil and blow.

I havent always been happy with factory ammunition in this rifle neither hand loaded either  altough the stock is beded proffesionaly, but now I have found some load that are accurate the 140 gr sierra gameking shots about 10 mm or better at 100 m, the lapua scenar about 20 mm and the sierra 85 gr varminter at about 15 mm or so. ( this bullet is history now, I have ordered the 100 gr Varminter)
Sometimes I hunt at dusk and down so I have a zeiss classic 2,5-10x50 with a german #4 reticle,, likes this riflescoope.

I am a bit engaged in the trigger when buying a new rifle, this I have tinker with myself. It now have a clean and crisp 1 kg trigger and the set trigger who is about 100-200 gr or so, but honest I think I rather have one trigger with a pull of about 250 gr ( 0,5 lbs) or so.

I have been told that the lock time with the set trigger is too long and that is a dissadventage rather than an advantage. Not much to do about that other than buying an aftermarked trigger, but when shooting long distanse at crow and goose with the rifle steady, the set trigger is ok.

Annyhow here in Norway all hunting and shooting can bee done with a 6,5x55 rifle, this is legal even one moose.

The last week or so I have serious consider this, one rifle for everything. Itt has its advantages and disadventages and there is something I likes about this rifle and somethinges I disslike, I am also a bit of a minimalist. Iff I do this I hunt with the 140 gr gameking, varminting with the 95 gr V Max or 100 gr sierra varminter, at the shooting range I use the 100 gr lapua scenar or I drop this bullet and use the prefered varmint bullet at the shooting range also. Then there will be only 2 bullets. ( less is more)

See what I end upp with, thats all for now.
Title: Re: CZ 550 american
Post by: Super on June 24, 2019, 02:47:59 PM
Does annyone here know iff its possible to get the regular trigger on the cz 550 under 1 kg (2,2 lbs) and how to do it?
Title: Re: CZ 550 american
Post by: Ron M. on June 24, 2019, 03:50:24 PM
Easiest way is to do what I did on my 550 Tactical. Drop in a Timney trigger. Didn't like the factory trigger. Dropped in the standard model, 1.75 pounds out of the box, easy to adjust between 1.5 and 4 pounds. Please note the trigger does not come with a safety, you reuse the factory one.

If you want to go lighter use this model:
Title: Re: CZ 550 american
Post by: Super on June 25, 2019, 09:02:00 AM
Ok, I was hoping I could do it by using the original trigger on the rifle, its Nice to still have the possibility to use the sett trigger, at least try these before I order a timney trigger.

On many rifles you can get a lighter trigger pull by replacing the trigger spring, wonder if this also can be done on the 550. If you look at page 20 on this manual here nr 59 there is the trigger spring. Wonder if this can be replaced with annother spring that will bring the trigger pull down.
Title: Re: CZ 550 american
Post by: Super on December 02, 2019, 10:11:26 AM
I have now been to my gunsmith with the gun, he is going to install a timney on it.
Title: Re: CZ 550 american
Post by: Abe on December 03, 2019, 10:27:13 PM

Hilsen venn!

Jeg har ikke noe å si på verdien om riflen din, bare at det er bra å se en nordmann på CZ-forumet. Da jeg sist kjørte fra Evenes til Narvik kom jeg rundt et hjørne for å se en elg i tung busk ved veien. 500 meter lenger nede i veien og rundt en annen sving dukket det opp en jeger som bar riflen sin med den største supressoren jeg noensinne har sett.

Her i Amerika regnes undertrykkere som nesten kriminelle.

Lykke til og hold deg

Med vennlig hilsen

(Norsk courtesy of Google)  ;)