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Title: Hard to pass up, wish I'd seen these before the M&P 2.0
Post by: M1A4ME on August 28, 2019, 08:16:52 PM
Got an e-mail last night about a place selling new FNS pistols for $299 with free shipping (not that free shipping was the deal maker).

I've got long slide pistols now (P09, XD 5" Tactical, M&P 5") and all of them are bigger than I'm going to conceal carry, much.  Neither the XD or the M&P will shoot with the P09 9MM (have a P09 .40, too, but it won't shoot with the P09 9MM either).

I like the ambidextrous thumb safeties and that's what I ordered.  An FNS, 4" barrel, 12 rounds of .40 S&W, 3 magazines, with safeties, for $299.  Then I lucked out and saw CDNN was selling used FNS 12 round .40 S&W magazines for $14.99 and ordered a few more.  Cops carry them way more than they "use" them.

They also had the FNS long slides (appears to be the same frame as the model I ordered but those didn't have safeties) and the FNS Compacts in .40 S&W.  Those did have safeties but, for some reason, I chose the 4" model.  Size wise (width, length, height) it's with a couple tenths of an inch of the P07 I carry now.  Weight is less but not enough you could feel it.

Trigger will probably be ugly.  I'm finding out that ugly triggers don't make a pistol shoot bad groups and good triggers don't make one shoot good groups.  But I still like nice triggers.  The Apex FNS triggers are only for use in FNS pistols made in 2014 or later.  No idea when this one was made.  Maybe I can figure it out once I get it.  Internet wisdom seems to say two things.  One is FN won't tell anyone when a gun was made even if you give the the serial number.  The second is that some people use the date on the empty case that comes with the pistol to believe/hope that tells them when it was made - if FN used ammo with a date stamp and bought it fresh off the shelves somewhere to test fire the guns with.

Night sights are fairly easy to find but cost more than CZ night sights.  May not ever buy them if the pistol never "shoots" good enough to be used for anything but an occasional range day.  I also saw there seems to be one company making .357 SIG barrels for the FNS.  A distinct possibility if it won't shoot with the factory .40 barrel.

Pictures when I get it.  I think the magazines have shipped already so I should get them a few days before the pistol finally gets to my FFL guy.

While I was reading up on them I saw that several police departments had ordered/used the long slide .40's.  Not sure why they'd want a 5" barreled pistol over a 4" barrel for duty/carry. 

Also a couple companies (seen during a quick search) do the slide/machine work for red dots.  But again, not spending that kind of money if it won't shoot.  Gotta be worth it.  The P07 and P09 9MM were worth it.  I've been holding on to a Holosun 507C through the XD, through the M&P, just trying to decide whether to put it on the P09 .40 or maybe the CZ75B .40 as both of those out shoot those two non CZ pistols.  Again, all of them are too big for me to EDC concealed but the .40 would be okay for an around the property/garage open carry pistol, but it's gotta shoot good groups (and be reliable.)
Title: Re: Hard to pass up, wish I'd seen these before the M&P 2.0
Post by: Claymore504 on August 29, 2019, 09:41:34 AM
After I got out of the Glock only mindset and moved on. I found the FNS series and loved them. Trigger smooths out great after a few hundred rounds. Build quality is excellent. I had an FNS40 and FNS9 compact. The FNS handles the 40SW round great and it was a pleasure to fire. Both ran excellent. If you ever need factory parts Mid West Gun works has a great selection.
Title: Re: Hard to pass up, wish I'd seen these before the M&P 2.0
Post by: M1A4ME on August 29, 2019, 04:12:49 PM
MGW is also a great place for Browning parts.

I checked them out.  Lots of FNS parts.  I suppose I may buy some "small" spares to put away just in case they're needed some day.

Got the used magazines today, too.  Five were pretty decent.  One looked like a cat with files for claws had used it for a scratching post.  If the pistol "shoots" I'll strip them down and wax them up.  If not I'll just wipe them down with the old oily cloth and use them.
Title: Re: Hard to pass up, wish I'd seen these before the M&P 2.0
Post by: M1A4ME on September 10, 2019, 02:37:38 PM
Picked it up today.  Cleaned it, lubed it, started dry firing it.  Strange trigger pull.  Somewhat M&P like, but it seems variable on some pulls.

Sometimes - trigger pulls to the rear, stops (easy to feel it), next bit of rearward movement releases the striker.

Other times - trigger pulls to the rear and about the time you think it's hit the stop the sear releases.

Reset is both easy to feel/hear and while not as short from reset to the next striker release as the M&P 2.0 with the APEX trigger kit it is still shorter than most everything else I have.

The case has an envelope with a piece of fired brass in it that is dated Jan. 14, 2014.  Been sitting around for over 5 years.  Probably why they sold them for $299 each.

Thumb safeties are tiny compared to the M&P an even the P07/P09.

Very long rails in the frame. 

First picture is the FNS in the box.


This picture is the P07 lying on top of the FNS with just a bit of forward angle to the camera to show how small the amount of slide/barrel that sticks out on the FNS vs. the P07.  And it shows the (about) 3/8" longer the top to bottom of the FNS is vs. the P07.


The used magazines I got from CDNN a week or so back.  $14.95 each.  That's not a crease on the magazine on the left, it's just a sort of "two tone" look in the finish for some reason.


Holding it in your hand is very much the same feel as holding the P07.  I like the factory stippling.

I sure hope the darn thing will shoot good.
Title: Re: Hard to pass up, wish I'd seen these before the M&P 2.0
Post by: M1A4ME on September 10, 2019, 08:13:43 PM
Okay, 6.5 lb. trigger pull, once you get it all the wayyyyyy back.

That long trigger pull it any time you let the trigger go all the way forward.  If you stop at the reset (after firing a shot) the trigger doesn't move very far at all till the striker is released.

I think I got the different trigger pulls figured out, too.  Same issue.  Sort of.

If I let the trigger go all the way forward then it has the long trigger pull till the "wall".  Then it's pretty crisp and short to release the striker.

If I stop the trigger forward movement at reset then the "wall" is much different in it's feel prior to releasing the striker.  Not as easy to feel the "wall", at all.  Sorry, had to type that.  It rhymed. 

One other thing (maybe a couple).

I grabbed some rounds out of the cabinet (.40 S&W, 135 grain Nosler HPs that shoot so well in my P07).  These are hold overs from prior to the Tactical Sport and will not chamber in the TS due to cartridge overall length.  The P07 and P09 .40's have a longer distance at the front of the chamber vs. the Tactical Sport.  I've segregated these out for the P07/P09 and now load that same bullet deeper into the case (with a reduced powder charge) for the TS and the newer CZ75B in .40 S&W I bought late last year (or was earlier this year?)

Anyway, these longer rounds plunked just fine in the FNS barrel.  So "fine" it bothered me.  I mean they dropped like I was dropping them into a .45 acp barrel (almost).   I could grab the rim and just click them back and forth in the chamber.  I could see them bop back and forth and hear them click as they contacted the opposite side of the chamber.  Bothered me a lot.  So I grabbed my (really great and accurate) P07 off the fridge top, unloaded it, removed the barrel and dog gone if those rounds don't do the same thing in it.  Loose/sloppy as can be.  So I suppose it's not going to be a problem.

After that I loaded a couple magazines to make sure they fit in those.  I remember my XD .45 that would plunk my reloads just fine only to find out that they were so long they would hang up front to back in the magazines (how often does that happen???)  No issues with the FNS magazines I tried (two of the new ones).

Now, to get to the range with the 135's and the 140 grain Missouri Bullet Co. lead bullets and see if it "likes" those as much as the CZs seem to. 

And in a money saving discovery, the FNS .40 fits the White Hat Holsters M&P 9MM holster like it was made for it.  If the FNS replaces the M&P 9MM I can use that same holster.
Title: Re: Hard to pass up, wish I'd seen these before the M&P 2.0
Post by: M1A4ME on September 11, 2019, 02:30:04 PM
Found out last night, the FNS fits right in the same White Hat Holsters M&P IWB holster I bought for the M&P 2.0 5".  I can feel it "snap" in when the trigger guard goes past the narrow spot for the trigger guard and I can feel the resistance when I pull the pistol up/out of the holster.

Now I've just gotta get to the range.
Title: Re: Hard to pass up, wish I'd seen these before the M&P 2.0
Post by: hemiram on September 12, 2019, 04:31:24 AM
I got an FNS-40 for a cheap price a couple of years ago, mine was a two-tone. While the gun functioned flawlessly, I thought the grip texture was just unpleasant in general, and when I decided to get away from .40S&W, I sold it and my S&W 4006TSW, which I considered a vastly better gun than the FNS. If it wasn't for the same over the top(IMHO, the whole texturing thing is out of control) grip, I would have an FNX-9, as I vastly prefer steel hammer fired guns.
Title: Re: Hard to pass up, wish I'd seen these before the M&P 2.0
Post by: M1A4ME on September 12, 2019, 12:58:34 PM
Range trip this morning -

100% function with both 135 grain hollow points with the Blue Dot load the CZ's like and with the 140 grain Missouri Bullet/Herco load that also does well in the CZs.

Groups weren't super good.  I didn't really do any better with the CZ75B .40 S&W though, so it's probably me, not the FNS.

Super easy to clean.  Barrel looked really dirty when I field stripped it.  Ran a brush through it 5 or 6 times, one patch and there was almost nothing on the patch.  The second patch was clean enough to put back in the bag and re-use.

More shooting required.  Got to either load up some different ammo (have 180 grain LRN and 165 or 155 grain FMJ bullets at the bench, just need to work on some loads) or go buy a couple/three boxes to try.

Sucker "barks" with those Blue Dot loads, just like the P07.

Forgot to mention:  after about 100 dry fires (didn't really notice any difference) and then about 40 live rounds this morning followed by cleaning/lubing a little bit ago, the trigger pull feels different.  I need to work with it some more but the trigger pull is either "shorter" or the "wall" I could feel so clearly prior has faded away some.  Maybe a bit of both.  More dry firing and another range trip required to convince myself of the change (didn't call it an improvement.)

Oh, people complain about CZ service??  You know..  Anyway, I picked the pistol up Tuesday and went to the FN website to register it.  I put the serial number in and was prompted to go to a different page and put the serial number in again to see if my pistol is in the range of those that is under the recall for unintentional discharges.  It is.  I got a text box that said they would be sending me a return authorization form/label to send it in for upgrading.  That was two days ago.  No contact so far.

Title: Re: Hard to pass up, wish I'd seen these before the M&P 2.0
Post by: M1A4ME on September 16, 2019, 08:46:35 AM
Started carrying it around my yard/woods/garage, etc. when I'm outside the house.

I noticed something I'd not noticed before.  I had trouble getting the spare magazine into the magazine pouch (IWB/kydex).  Got to looking at it and noticed the magazines have a projecting triangle of metal pushed outwards on the left side of the magazine.  I haven't seen that one any other magazine.  I'm thinking it is to catch, or stop, the magazine from going to deep into the mag. well.

I got the Mantis X out of the cabinet yesterday.  For 10 shot "groups" I'm running in the high 93's to low 94's.  Not really "bad" but not good either.  That's a couple points below my 10 shot averages for the P01 and P07.  It's right there with the XD Tactical 5" .45.

I'll keep working with it.

I did notice one thing that I need to pay more attention to/try to figure out.  I'll be getting a nice string of mid to high 90's and suddenly I get a 75 or 78 (which shoots my average to pieces) and when that happens it's a complete surprise to me.  I'm not conscious of that sight picture looking any different when the striker releases.  Yesterday my thought process was "What???" and then I'm racking the slide to go to the next shot.  I've got to stop and do some observing/investigation.

This popped into my head after the last 10 shot string:  I have a habit (bad habit) of having a nice group going and then dropping one, sometimes two, shots out low and a little right.  Just like the Mantis X, those live fire shots are a surprise to me when they ruin what is sometimes a very nice group.  I need to figure out if this is me or the Mantis X and if it's me, what I'm doing wrong on those shots.
Title: Re: Hard to pass up, wish I'd seen these before the M&P 2.0
Post by: Claymore504 on September 16, 2019, 04:43:30 PM
Since it was made in 2014, check on the FN recall on these.
Title: Re: Hard to pass up, wish I'd seen these before the M&P 2.0
Post by: M1A4ME on September 16, 2019, 05:04:48 PM
Since it was made in 2014, check on the FN recall on these.

When I logged on (had to create an FN "family" ID) to the FN website to register the pistol for warranty purposes there was a box to input the serial number.  The response was that mine was in the range for the recall and they would be sending me a return authorization e-mail, etc.  That was last Tuesday I'm pretty sure and so far, no e-mail.

Then again, mine has the manual safeties so I'm not sure how that issue (documented that if you push the slide OOB, pull the trigger it won't fire - not supposed to by design - but then when the slide goes back into battery if you drop it or hit against something hard it can fire without having to pull the trigger) affects my pistol. 

I'll wait a bit and contact them again about the return authorization.  Right now, since I know about it and I'm unlikely to roll around on the ground with someone where I might make muzzle contact with them while pulling the trigger, I'll just keep it in mind.
Title: Re: Hard to pass up, wish I'd seen these before the M&P 2.0
Post by: M1A4ME on September 20, 2019, 09:00:08 PM
Got an e-mail a little bit ago.  CDNN has more FNS stuff for sale.  Got the used mags. ($50 new) for $14.95 a couple weeks back.

Tonight they also list

used FNS .40 S&W long slide kits for $140
used FNS .40 S&W 4" slide kits for $120
used complete frame parts kit for $40

Just ordered all three.

I like the looks of the long slides (P09, 5" XD Tactical, 5" M&P FDE 9MM already in the house).  My frame is the same as the long slide pistols, so now I can convert mine to long slide configuration.

The extra 4" slide kit can become a .357 SIG kit without having to mess with my existing .40 S&W slide.

The parts kit fills my "need" for spare parts.

Oh yeah, the slide are supposed to have tritium night sights on them, too.

FYI in case anyone here has an FNS and is interested in options.  These slide kits will go on a 9MM FNS, too.  Then all you need is some of the used magazines.  I have no affiliation at all with CDNN.
Title: Re: Hard to pass up, wish I'd seen these before the M&P 2.0
Post by: M1A4ME on September 30, 2019, 01:47:18 PM
Got the stuff from CDNN the other day (Saturday??)

The long slide was perfect, appearance wise and has the upgraded striker mod. already done.  But, the rear night side dot (two dots, small one in the center/bottom/rear of the back sight and larger dot in the back of the front sight) is so dim I can't see it when held at arms length.

Finish was unmarked.  Barrel was barely dirty.  No wear showing on the barrel and only slide wear on the barrel hood.  The bag in the bottom/right of the case is the complete frame parts kit.  Just had to wipe it off and apply some lube.  Not very dirty at all.


The 4" slide only had one small nick in the finish on the right rear corner of the slide.  You can see it, but you have to look for it.  The night sights are just fine on this slide.  Same sights, small dot on the center rear, larger dot on the front sight.  I've never cleaned a pistol barrel as dirty as this one.  Lots of brushing, lots of solvent, lots of patches.



Title: Re: Hard to pass up, wish I'd seen these before the M&P 2.0
Post by: M1A4ME on September 30, 2019, 01:56:51 PM
And I ordered a Compact model, too.  Also in .40 S&W.


You can see how small this one is compared to the spot in the box where it sits.

I'm wondering what something this small and light will recoil like in .40 S&W.....

Two 10 round magazines.  One with a flat base and one with an angled base that makes the front gripping surface longer.  And one 14 round magazine with a sleeve to make it look pretty when it's in the magazine well.

Did something Friday I've never done.  Made the rounds of the local Walmart stores and bought Remington, Federal and Winchester .40 S&W ammo in 165 and 180 grain loads.  FMJ RN, FMJ FN and hollow points.  My range trip will be to compare the 4" pistol with it's slide, the new 4" slide and the 5" slide and shoot the Compact, too.  But, the P07 might gets its first factory rounds ever, if the FNS's and their various configurations are unable to impress me by putting holes in the paper close together.  The P07 will tell me if it's the pistol, the bullets or me.  And I'll find out if the P07 will shoot heavier bullets as well it shoots the light (135 and 140 grain) bullets I've been shooting in it for the last 8 years or so.
Title: Re: Hard to pass up, wish I'd seen these before the M&P 2.0
Post by: M1A4ME on October 04, 2019, 05:45:18 PM
Came home from the range and field stripped all the FNS pistols/slides.

I had an issue with the Compact not dropping magazines and thought it had to be my little finger dragging on the 12 round magazine floor plate.  I tried a 14 round magazine and had the same issue.

Got to looking at the Compact frame and full sized frame and noticed the Compact has shorter magazine release buttons.  Grabbed that $40 parts kit from CDNN and sure enough the magazine release button was the larger one like the full sized frame.

Cool design.  The magazine release spring fits into a track set up in the frame and through a slot in the magazine release button.  You can, with the right sized common screw driver, push the spring upwards in the track (it will not spring out or fall in the floor) till it releases the magazine release button and it will fall out.  The you insert the larger/longer button into the Compact frame and push the magazine release spring back into place and it locks in.  It wasn't my little finger on the magazine, it was not being able to push that tiny/short magazine release button far enough into the frame that was causing the problem.  It works perfect with the longer button.

You can see the magazine release spring, secure in it's track in the frame but pushed "up" far enough to let the magazine release button fall out of the frame.  See the little twisted "hook" end on one leg?  One just like it on the other end and that's what locks it into the button when it's pushed into place.  You just have to push the hook end "down" enough for it to slide into the slot in the magazine release button before pushing it up the track out of the mag. release button.


This one shows the short compact mag. release button, the longer full sized frame mag. release button and the spare spring from the frame kit I got from CDNN.


First mods to the new FNS Compact complete and successful.

Range report later and as a spoiler, the Compact did not, with any of the ammo tested, shoot what I'd call good groups.  More range sessions to follow.