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Title: 512 American Blemish
Post by: jedwards213 on October 18, 2019, 02:20:43 PM
Morning all,

I came across a CZ 512 American blemish on sale and quickly nabbed it because they seem to be scarce here in California.  Because it's a blemish (my second CZ blemish rifle), there's a few small areas of damage (a nick in the butt stock and wear on the dovetail) but nothing I won't ending up doing myself in the next couple months.

Question: I noticed the front end of the barrel is tapped for a front sight. The American doesn't come with a front sight so it struck me as odd. Any rate, there's no front sight but the barrel is tapped and came without screws. Any ideas what the deal is? Was this originally a Euro model but Frankensteined into an American? What do I do with the screw holes? CZ sells front sight screws but of course they're out of stock.
Title: Re: 512 American Blemish
Post by: eastman on October 18, 2019, 10:46:21 PM
put some allen set screws in the holes to protect the threads. probably metric but they should be available at local hardware stores.