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Title: CZ 75 Compact Safety Question
Post by: Rorge Retson on May 14, 2021, 03:58:00 PM
So I have (1) a 75 Compact 40, and (2) a 75 Compact 9mm w/safety, 99041.  The safeties on both pistols are ambidextrous.

I want to put the same ambi safety that is on the 40, on the 9mm.  The one currently on the 99041 is too thin and flat (see photo in link below).

I don't want a huge extended safety - if I did, I could just use a Shadow 2 safety (that is my understanding).

So far I spoke with CZC, CZ-USA, and CGW, with no joy.  :(

Anyone? (
Title: Re: CZ 75 Compact Safety Question
Post by: Tok36 on May 14, 2021, 09:50:23 PM
   I believe that the frame width difference is the issue here. While the 75 Compact 9mm w/safety, 99041 (SP-01 Compact) is made of steel, it is modeled after the wider CZ PCR/P-01 (Aluminum decocker) frames. This means the factory safety lever options for narrower framed models will not work with the 99041.

It may be possible to have a working safety lever custom modified and refinished, but projects like these can require an investment.

It is also possible that i am unaware of some of the available part options. There has been allot of talk about the 99041 here on the forums since it released, ill bet that if it exists someone will chime in. I am interested to hear the input of other forum members on the subject.