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Title: Just saw my first PCR
Post by: alduro on January 27, 2003, 02:10:32 AM
Just got back from some time in Austin and while there I found a dealer who had every CZ availible in the US "in stock"!!!:eek   I finally was able to see a CZ 40 which was way bigger than I thought it would be and a cz 97 which I knew was big, but jeez, the thing was almost a Desert Eagle.  Anyhow now to the good part, there was in the case a PCR and a P01, so I got to compare the 2 side by side and I have one main observation...the P01, while a good looking gun, is completely ugly in front of the sleek lines of a PCR.  The PCR fit my hand perfectly and has the smoothest trigger pull of any gun I own, and I own 2 Sigs and had a Glock.  The PCR is a masterpiece of workmanship and was tight as a drum.  I can't wait to buy one, kind of makes me sad that I got that Sig 239 last week but hey, I'll just have to get the CZ to.  I have to say that as a Sig guy, I have always been a little biased against other types of guns, especially Glock, but thats different because I hated mine.  I bought a Sig 239 for off duty wear because of my familiarity with Sig and their overall outstanding reputation, BUT, if I had it to do all over again, I would have gotten the PCR instead and saved the extra $200.00  Anyone out there who has any doubts about the CZ should rest easy.  When it comes to a weapon I trust my life to, it has to function perfectly and look well built.  The CZ seems to have both.  Now just one question, how hard are these things to field strip?:D
Title: Just saw my first PCR
Post by: ut83 on January 27, 2003, 08:26:10 AM
First off welcome to the club.  I couldnt agree more about the PCR being the best looking gun around....hell, I own 2.  The field stripping question is very easy...line up the slide/frame marks and push the slide stop out..poof its stripped.  At first the slide stop may have to be tapped out with the plastic mag base....but after time it will push out with finger pressure.
Very easy......welcome to the club...Shoot well:smokin
Title: Just saw my first PCR
Post by: CZNE on January 27, 2003, 06:52:08 PM
I second the welcome.  I too just saw my first CZ40 and was surprised at the size of the pistol, that said I still might have to get one someday.  

I was a 1911 guy but the PCR is my favorite pistol now.  I just don't shoot anything else, it has a way of being the one I always take shooting and even if I take something else along I end up shooting the PCR.  It has a lot to do with the way the gun fits my hand, the smoothness of the DA trigger and the accuracy of the weapon.  It shoots far better than I can.

Buy one, you'll grow to love it.
Title: Just saw my first PCR
Post by: alduro on January 28, 2003, 01:17:36 AM
I am really trying to trade my Sig 220 .45 for a PCR, thats how impressed I am.  Can't wait to get one.:b
Title: Just saw my first PCR
Post by: gunner357 on January 28, 2003, 01:12:34 PM
Love your descriptive..."completely ugly" :lol  That's why I have not been tempted to buy a P01 even with what they say about it's fit, etc.etc.. For me there's no gun out there which has the rare combo of fit/form/function other than a PCR.

Title: Just saw my first PCR
Post by: alduro on January 29, 2003, 12:03:33 AM
yeah, a p01 is a nice looking gun, just as a 1998 corvete is a nice looking car but if you put a 1998 corvete next to a cherry 1967 vete, the 98 seems to fade to black.  Same with the PCR.:D