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Title: SIG 239 or CZ PCR???
Post by: alduro on January 16, 2003, 02:50:58 AM
Hi guys, I was posting my sig 220 for a cz p01 on a trade but just found out my sig 220 is actually a cold war era weapon, which to sig heads out there increases the desireability.  Nostalgia must make millions.  Anyway I still need a Conceal Carry weapon and haven't decided which way to go yet, sig 239 in 9mm or CZ PCR.  Money is not really an issue, neither is mag capacity since the 239 has a 10rd. extension mag which I don't mind.  I have somewhat large hands and am concered about my pinky finger hanging off the bottom of the PCR.  A sig 229 fits my hand perfectly, no extra room, but no dangly fingers either.  So if anyone has shot a sig 229 and a PCR, how did the two compare in size.  Also is the PCR slimmer than a sig 239 and which would you pick if you had your choice?:rolleyes
Title: SIG 239 or CZ PCR???
Post by: Marko9x18 on January 16, 2003, 07:41:49 AM

Having owned all three pistols you mention, here are my observations:

If the SIG 229 just fits your hand, the 239 may likely be too small.  It has a slightly shorter and noticeably thinner grip.

The PCR, on the other hand, is just a shade smaller and lighter overall than the 229 and virtually the same size as the 239, but its grip size is comparable to the 229's.  I would guess that if a 229 fits your hand, so will the PCR.

The 239's frame is thinner than the PCR's by just a whisker.  And it's no lightweight either.  The 239 is heavier than you might think.

Although my 9mm 239 is an excellent shooter, I prefer my PCR when it comes to concealed carry.  With flush-fit 14rd mags, I'm gaining an extra six rounds without a comensurate gain in size or weight.

In my opinion, where the 239 really shines is in .40s&w or .357sig.  Its power to weight ratio makes good sense in these calibers.  The pistol is small enough to conceal, yet it's not unpleasurable to shoot (as is the case with some small frame / large caliber handguns).

And as for your SIG 220, I don't think most SIG-o-philes put any extra premium on its value due to its Cold War production status (unless you're saying your particular pistol has some unique Cold War significance -- in which case, it may indeed have collector value).  They put an extra premium on it because it's arguably the best box-stock .45 combat pistol.  

Take care.  Marko
Title: SIG 239 or CZ PCR???
Post by: hunter0544 on January 16, 2003, 02:19:04 PM
Marko is right on the money about the Sig 239.  We had the 239 in .40 S $ W but the wife did not like the boom and kick.  We now are proud owners of the CZ PCR. It has been very accurate and smooth shooter.  It is a keeper.
Title: SIG 239 or CZ PCR???
Post by: alduro on January 16, 2003, 02:46:40 PM
Hey thanks for the reply.  It also doesnt hurt to mention that the 239 would cost me about another $180 than the PCR.  I don't know where to get HI CAP PCR mags but the Sig 239 only holds 8 rounds unless I get an extra 10rd. extended.  Money really wasn't an issue, but VALUE always is.  I would hate to pay more for less.  Thanks for the insight on the 220 collectability.  It was in the first series of "the American" run from sig.  Don't know if that means squat, its just a hard working 45.:D
Title: SIG 239 or CZ PCR???
Post by: Pilot on January 17, 2003, 04:16:09 PM
I made the comparison between the Sig 239, Sig 225 and PCR and bought the PCR.  It is one of my main carry pistols.  I like the 225, but like the PCR a bit better.  The 239's grip is too small for me and the felt recoil much more than the PCR.  I like the high capacity of the PCR also.  YMMV.
Title: SIG 239 or CZ PCR???
Post by: ut83 on January 18, 2003, 08:12:40 AM
Good thread....
I love Sigs..the 229 is BY FAR my fav....the 239 just doesnt feel good in my hands.  The PCR/Sig do feel quite similar but PCR is smaller and lighter....
The 10 rnd mag will  extend the grip out ALOT longer than the OEM mag will on the 239...kinda ruins concealment.
All in all....Id get the PCR...runs/shoots/feels like the Sig..just better...because I have 2 :D ....
Kidding....more reasonably priced...same quality gun....
shoot well
Title: SIG 239 or CZ PCR???
Post by: alduro on January 19, 2003, 02:10:25 AM
Well the latest is that I went ahead and got a sig 239.  It was a little more expensive but I have had a substantial amount of training and experience with the sigs in my job.  I do plan on getting a PCR in the future but I would like to actually hold one in my hand first.  I am going to trust my life to my concealment weapon and I just need to see it in person before I can make that kind of leap.  So I guess I goofed on the side of caution, I just wish a dealer in my area stocked this gun.  Its got an awsome reputation, even in my department, but nobody I know has one.  The sig 239 is a favorite among my peers.  I do plan on getting the 10 round mag. though.  I believe it is a must have simply because a 239 feels a little weird in my naked hand.  Recoil should be mild, its a 9mm and I usually shoot either a .45 or a .40.  You guys have been great and have really convinced me to get a PCR, but call me old fashioned, I have to see it to trust it.:rolleyes  
Just so you know though the LEO market is either going to be Sig or Glock,  I don't know why they don't branch out, but hey anything is better than S&W.  The gun guys where I work have nothing but the upmost respect for CZ though.
Title: SIG 239 or CZ PCR???
Post by: ut83 on January 19, 2003, 07:44:28 AM
You didnt goof....why? You got a world class firearm thats not a CZ? :eek   Kidding...I love Sigs.  What youll find here honestly, is that ALOT of CZ owners have had many many guns and run into CZ's after hearing great things about them.
Many love 1911's, Glocks, Sigs, HK's etc........
You are not alone...Shoot well