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Title: PCR is back in production!
Post by: Sparky-Beast on January 13, 2003, 03:08:01 PM
I called CZ today, January 13, 2003, and was told that the PCR is back in production.

Incidently, the reason I called was to verify that the P-01 does not have a chambered round indicator. I expressed my disapointment and said how I wished I would have bought a PCR before they were discontinued, as I prefer the chambered round indicator. The lady that I was talking to told me that they are going to continue to produce the PCR for that reason. That made my day!
Title: PCR is back in production!
Post by: ut83 on January 13, 2003, 08:10:27 PM
Yep its true..I thought it was already told somewhere that they werent gonna stop....anyway...who knows?
The PCR has quite a following....probably the most up and coming CZ at the present time.  I like it better than the PO1...just me.  I dont like the standard sights....laser/light/donut rail....:rolleyes   I think its too "Tactical" for me....maybe Im getting up there in years or what ever.  Ill take my little PCR....
Now if they would make one just like it is but with the Compact Safety...Cond 1 carry.....ohhh ohhh ohh yaaaaa!
Shoot well
Title: PCR is back in production!
Post by: iNetJunkie on January 14, 2003, 06:42:23 PM
Oh man!  Now you've really got me drooling :lol
I hope that comes true... I was thinking long and hard about a P-01, but I've decided I like the more traditional look of the PCR better.

Now, I wonder if the new-and-improved metallurgical technologies that went into the P-01 design will make it to the new PCRs?  How could you beat that? :D

Title: PCR is back in production!
Post by: ut83 on January 14, 2003, 09:50:35 PM
Actually they are already in the PCR....:rolleyes :( :smokin
The marketed metal improvements...were"marketing"???  The frames/slides are the same as the PCR for the composition/process as the PO1..
According to CZUSA......
I will say the newer PCRs are a tighter fit than the older model.  I believe they benefitted from the PO1's man. process.
They got the trigger and barrel from the PO1...barrel seems very accurate and the trigger in nicer to pull.  The frame/barrel fit on my newest child is just tight!  Its tighter than any gun Ive owned...but hasnt missed a beat so far..function isnt compromised.
IMO...they are very much the same gun...
The PO1 is a better duty/home defense weapon...light rail and all.
The PCR is a bettet carry weapon..thinner and easier to conceal.  I cant see the benefit to carrying with a light... gives the BG a really good target to shoot know? :rolleyes

Shoot well, The PCR Junkie
Title: PCR is back in production!
Post by: CZNE on January 15, 2003, 10:04:22 AM
My PCR seems very tight and its more accurate than I am most days.  I like the loaded chamber indicator and mine has a sweet DA trigger pull.  There are things I might change at some point but not right now.