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Title: VZ 52 pistol laser sight
Post by: Highnwide on February 08, 2016, 03:27:53 PM
This may be sacrilegious to the purists and history buffs here, but I've been wondering how to get a laser sight mounted on a '52 pistol. 

This thing is much more accurate than I am with iron sights and I'd like to use it as a home defense option.  Anyone have any success with this??

I see several possible ways to do it:
1) the tiny laser that's part of a rear iron sight , but it's too small and NO power.

2) grip laser, top of the right side grip along the top of the trigger finger.  A 1911 grip laser would be good except the angle of the handle to the barrel is way different so it would not be a "bolt on" install.  The blister switch beneath the trigger guard would complicate this, too.

3) a trigger guard clamp laser/light would be good except there isn't enough vertical trigger guard in front to mount to.

4) a rail mount laser/light.  I'd have to fashion a rail under the dust cover, difficult because the bottom of the dust cover is not parallel to the barrel.  I'd probably end up with two small holes in the dust cover for screws and spacers to mount a rail and would not like to do that if possible.

Other options, ideas??
Title: Re: VZ 52 pistol laser sight
Post by: VonD on March 22, 2016, 05:28:30 PM
I've researched CZ-52 sights for a couple of years now. They're pretty hard to use with these "old eyes" so I like the idea of a green laser but I don't like the idea of altering the slide or drilling the dust cover to accommodate it. I've approached Crimson Trace last week about manufacturing grips and they mentioned receiving requests from other CZ-52 owners over the years but I guess they haven't received enough requests at one time. Novak stopped gun smithing sights on the slides, that case hardened steel is too hard and their sights look like Mickey Mouse ears. Also decreases the conceal ability because they are so large they snag. I'm curious if there is still demand for replacement sights for a CZ-52, most of the web posts seem to be circa 2006 - 2010 but seem to have died off. Seems the logical choice would be a short picatinny rail with the small dovetail for the existing rear sight. You could tap out the rear sight, and tap in the rail, and clamp on the laser, or any other usable device for aiming. It's a single point of contact so doesn't need to be long, just enough for the laser to attach. Is this a good idea? Are there enough CZ-52 owners out there interested in laser options? Weigh in, if there's enough interest I might pursue it myself.
Title: Re: VZ 52 pistol laser sight
Post by: Frenchkat on March 16, 2017, 07:21:54 PM
Don't come here often so I just saw this.

I posted a request for information a while back.  I remember seeing years ago (5 - 10) a rail mount that was made just for the CZ52.

It was marketed by a group called (I probably screwed it up) Jews for the Preservation of Firearms.

It's not made any more and I haven't been able to find any.

Good Luck.
Title: Re: VZ 52 pistol laser sight
Post by: shaneb1 on March 26, 2017, 11:25:30 PM
guys try ram lite lasers. Ram Lite makes all lasers and lights for all old C&R guns. I have them for my Toks and they work great. All held by super strong magnets. I have yet to have one fail!! :) with a little modification, you could get a laser or light with no problem. Let me know if you cant find the web site and i'll look it up. Best of luck!
Title: Re: VZ 52 pistol laser sight
Post by: rdcinhou on March 27, 2017, 08:05:59 AM
Found the site:

An interesting solution--super strong magnetic mounted laser/lights.