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Title: New Rami 3rd range trip Update
Post by: Scarlett Pistol on July 22, 2017, 05:43:39 PM
Had another fun range day (posted in the range day thread for all the fun). Just wanted to post a usage update.

Note 1: new CZ pistols come with thick grease to keep them protected on their journey from the factory. In the manuals I've read they say to clean them and apply a fresh batch of lube. This applies to the magazines. THOROUGHLY CLEAN YOUR NEW CZ AND MAGAZINES. There can always be other things causing issues, but this is a pretty solid initial first step for trouble shooting. Will they run if you don't? Sure, but that's not the lubrication CZ intended to be used.

That being said, I've had not problems thus far after 3 range outings. Today I fooled around shooting at objects at further distances. At 85 yards I was smacking a 24"x36" steel target 4 out of every 6 rounds I put in my 10 round magazines. Then I was playing around shooting at a piece of junk at 180 yards (just cover fire joke)... Well it turned out to be no joke. I was putting shots 2 feet around and hitting this "target" every 6 shots or so. Maybe I got lucky with my Rami, but this thing is accurate and a pleasure to shoot! I need to get some video next time because if there's no video this is just internet lies.  O0  This chunky little carry gun is something else!
Title: Re: New Rami 3rd range trip Update
Post by: CZRex on July 28, 2017, 10:47:12 AM
Yes, this pretty little gun is a pure pleasure to shoot.  It's the only gun I've had in the past approx 10 yrs that has NEVER been in danger of being sold or traded.  Don't ask, it ain't happening.
Title: Re: New Rami 3rd range trip Update
Post by: robert1804 on July 28, 2017, 09:28:13 PM
Today was the second range trip with my new RAMI D. I normally can't shoot a small gun very well but this RAMI is clearly an exception. First range trip was an outdoor tac bay and the RAMI took very little getting used to. It easily walked up and down a dueling tree at 15 yards.Today was an indoor range time. Shot a few 1 1/2" groups rested at 15 yards (good for me) and was able to hog the centers out of a bunch of 2" target dots off hand at 7 yards.

The RAMI is now at 380 rounds with only one misfeed because I didn't snap a magazine all the way in. It cycles even lightly loaded 115's, something I didn't expect in a small pistol. One of the range workers commented that recoil looked fairly mild, and it is! I have other CZ's and I've just never looked at the 2075 RAMI section, didn't really know anything about them. I saw this gun at a LGS. they also had a safety model RAMI, a 75B and a 75BD, all new.
Title: Re: New Rami 3rd range trip Update
Post by: Scarlett Pistol on July 28, 2017, 10:29:44 PM
Dang your getting after it with your Rami! I'm with ya. It still has recoil, but it just isn't bad. The grip is just right, like it's big brothers, and unfairly accurate compared to other subcompact guns. Just remember the loose recoil spring wears out around 500 rounds. Subcompacts just out a lot of strain on those springs.