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Yea i go aggressive too I really don't understand people saying the stock p10 texture is too aggressive. I think it needs more texture up towards the slide kind of like the fn 509 has but more aggressive. I could live with it how it is but I need to install a trigger, mag release and get the slide coated anyway so I figured might as well get my guy doing the work to stipple, the finger rests on the frame don't have much grip to them either

But really I wanted to know if the coating would affect the texture and from what you're saying it won't so thanks

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Compact CZ 75s / Re: What holsters fit the P-01?
« Last post by Christophorus on Today at 01:02:37 AM »
Any suggestions out there for a P-01 w/ APLc?



I just picked up a P-01 and plan to put an Inforce APLc on it. I know has an option. I'm just making sure that is my best option before buying.

I also just got a P-01 with the APLc. Did you ever find a factory holster that worked?

I have a 75B in 40 S&W that I sent to CZ Custom.  That is my favorite 40.   
General Firearms Discussion / Re: Expensive day at the indoor range
« Last post by timetofly on Today at 12:36:40 AM »
Some days cost a bunch.  As long as everyone is safe and happy then it was all worth it.
New Members / Re: New member from CA
« Last post by timetofly on Today at 12:34:09 AM »
Welcome from South East Kansas from another former California resident.

Stay safe!!!
CZ Scorpion EVO / Re: Opinions on what model to buy?
« Last post by Asylum9 on Today at 12:31:26 AM »
I would suggest checking your state gun laws.

Example, Here in PA you cannot have a loaded rifle in your car or concealed and the ammo, mags and weapon have to be stored separately in your vehicle when transported. A pistol  (with a $20 permit) can be kept loaded and or concealed in your vehicle or person. Technicly per PA law I could sling an evo pistol over my shoulder with a full 30 round mag and go catch butterflies in the local Township park in the center of town. Guaranteed to draw u wanted attention and not advised but I could.
The down side is a pistol is registered, if you want to buy one it needs transfered at an FFL and follows the BATFA regulations regarding pistol ie no forward grip or stock which may or may not be important to you.

I wanted mine for a truck gun, PDW or a SHTF type and where I live the pistol ment the requirements as I never leave home without it.

It's good to be free (ish)
CZF KADET KLUB / Re: Any time/way to get a Kadet for less than $400 ?
« Last post by sberres on Today at 12:26:08 AM »
I just happened to notice on Buds, Kadet 2, $363!
CZ BREN / Re: Bren 805 safety levers
« Last post by wyoung on Today at 12:25:30 AM »
I have the extended CZ levers. They're a nice and simple upgrade.

Did they improve the manipulation?

Absolutely. Kind of a PITA to install if you don't keep the safety internals in place but well worth it.
A Day at the Range! / Re: First time moving with my PCR
« Last post by David0408 on Today at 12:04:43 AM »
The original 85c trigger is what you need.   I wouldn't try to deal with it any longer.   The 85c trigger so much more comfortable.


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Yeah, I think you’re right . I’m going to go with the 85C trigger!!!!!Thank you for giving me the courage!

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