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Tactical Sport trigger....
« on: October 09, 2018, 09:30:22 PM »
Just got a Tactical Sport and liking it so far except for the trigger. I suspect the previous owner did his own trigger job on it and made a mess of it. trigger pull is extremely light. To the point I could barely feel when the trigger engaged the sear. It had over 1/4" of take up and over 1/8" of overtravel and the sear itself is still almost 1/4". I adjusted the the overtravel down to where the trigger stops at the point the sear releases the hammer. Adjusted the take up to to where the trigger stops at the reset click. Now I just need to shorten the sear engagement.

So the questions I have now are: What is the best way to do that? Will installing a competition hammer do it? Can I file down the hammer hooks? Is there an adjustment on the sear I can make? Will any of that effect the reset?
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