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DIRECTORY of Reloading Information for the CZ Pistol
« on: October 20, 2018, 05:43:44 PM »
This Stickie takes the place of multiple files in an effort to clean up the Ammo & Handloading Forum, but more importantly, to better organize the information so that it's presented in a more systematic manner. None of the older files have been deleted, it's our hope they are simply being presented in a more logical fashion so that they can be of greater use to Forum members.

Forum Recommended Sources

Ammo & Reloading Component Sources
A list of sources CZ Forum users have found useful in obtaining ammo and reloading components that work well with the CZ pistol.

Reloading Press Upgrades & Accessories
A collection of vendors selling useful third party press upgrades which the users of this forum have endorsed.

Novice & Beginner Info

Reloading - Is It Right For Me ??
A thread for those considering entering the world of reloading. Who should, and who shouldn't. The safety, benefits, cost, space requirements and payback period are discussed, along with ideas that will help you choose the right press and components for your job.

First Year Reloading - Issues & Insights
A thread containing insights gained from the first-year reloading experience; written by new reloaders for new reloaders. Lots of tips and tricks which will help make your new hobby easier and more fun, and help get you over the "learning hump" much quicker. Please feel free to add your own insights.

Advanced Techniques & Tips for the Novice
A thread containing a startup checklist, helpful hints, and exercises to help the novice build sound reloading practices and processes.

• Use of Steel Cases in CZ Pistols
While several prominent CZ gunsmiths do not recommend the use of steel-cased ammo, neither CZ or CZ-USA prohibit the use of steel-cased ammunition. Use of steel-cased ammo will not void your CZ warranty. This includes the use of the new NAS3 bi-metal cases. All CZ ammunition limitations are based upon chamber pressure, not materials.

Physical Details of Cartridge Building

Bullet & Cartridge Case Terminology
A short thread discussing the nomenclature of detailed parts of bullets and cartridge cases. If you want to build better ammo, then you need to get technical. In order to get technical you need to be using precise names and terms. This thread shows you what you need to know.

Taper Crimp: Everything you need to know
A thread discussing the details of obtaining the correct Taper Crimp for your auto pistol cartridge. Covers what is taper crimp, how to calculate the correct range of crimp, and how to measure and test taper crimp to meet the demands of your CZ chamber. Mandatory reading for those who reload 9mm Luger for their CZ pistols.

How to determine Max OAL for a CZ Pistol
This thread details a foolproof method to help you determine the maximum cartridge length your CZ can chamber with any specific bullet. Although owners of the 9mm CZ models typically need the most help, this thread can help the reloader with any caliber pistol made by any manufacturer.

Common CZ Reloading Issues Related to Bullets
Special bullet shapes, types and weights are not available in Europe, and it is easy for the American reloader to encounter issues when reloading these bullets.

Advanced Pistol Reloading Topics

Detailed Handloading Tips
A thread for the established reloader dealing with the details of handloading for auto pistol cartridges. A discussion of many facets of the hobby that will help you improve your craft. Topics include which brands of brass are best, types of bullets, choosing the right bullet, selecting powders, powder burn rates, and the different primer types.

9mm Bullet Lengths
While cartridge OAL is important, what actually determines the chamber pressure is the volume inside the case, which is directly linked to bullet seating depth. To compare the seating depth of different cartridges, it is important to know the exact length of each bullet. This thread compiles a huge number of popular bullet lengths in the first post to make this calculation possible. 

Load Testing

Accurate No.5
Alliant BE-86
Alliant Bullseye
Alliant E3
Alliant Sport Pistol
Hodgdon CFE Pistol
• Hodgdon HP-38.... see Winchester 231
Hodgdon HS-6
IMR SR4756
IMR SR7625
Nobel Sport Vectan Ba9
Nobel Sport Vectan Ba10
Ramshot Silhouette
VihtaVuori N320
VihtaVuori N330
VihtaVuori N340
VihtaVuori N350
Winchester 231
• Winchester WAP.... see Ramshot Silhouette
Winchester WSF

32ACP Loads
10mmAuto Baseline Loads
Bullet Testing 135gr MBC IDP#8
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