Author Topic: Just how strong is the 97?  (Read 502 times)

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Just how strong is the 97?
« on: January 30, 2019, 04:19:39 PM »
Odd question, maybe, but I was just wondering how they fare in comparison to other .45 ACP's when fed a diet of +P ammo.  Not that I intend to feed mine any, I just don't see the need, this is purely a curiosity thing  ;D.  Later.


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Re: Just how strong is the 97?
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2019, 07:15:08 PM »
Genarlly the CZ97 dose not come up as often as the 75 variants so i do not get to hear as much about them as the 75s. That being said, aside from the CZ97 factory barrel bushing, the LCI and the other known weak points of the CZ 75 design (factory FPRP, TRS) i have not heard anything bad about them.

I have heard of the 97 factory barrel bushing working its way out under recoil a number or times. My bushing has not given me any issues but i do not shoot a hole lot of 45 ACP. It is not entirely unlikely that the Loaded Chamber Indicator will fall off. I have seen this at least a dozen times including my own LCI that fell off the first range trip. It seams that the factory sometimes forgets to locktight the LCI retaining scerw. Easily fixed by applying some locktight.

I assume that it would handle hot ammo as well as any of the 75s. As in, you may need a stronger recoil spring and it will likely induce wear more quickly than standard pressure ammo over the long run. The CZ 97 is a bit unique in that it was produced for the American market and came out during the AW ban so they designed it with a 10 round capacity. For a pistol of its size 10 rounds is rather low capacity.

I have put a bit of +P through most of my CZs during testing without any noticeable issues. I have not had a good reason to shoot +P with any regularity.
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