Author Topic: For the old Milsurp Fans - Vintage Multi gun match Dec 8th in talladega AL  (Read 104 times)

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The vintage multi-gun match is Dec 8th at the CMP in Talladega. WWII era (and prev) pistol rifle and shotgun. Portion of the proceeds will go to a veterans fund. Will be setup like a USPSA style with WWII battle props/stages. It's about as close to the MOH games that civilians will ever get. Lots of garands, mosins, carbines and such in the racks - would be awesome to see some old czs in use too. Separate divisions for Semi-auto and bolt guns. If you don't have a WWII era pistol or shotgun, you can use stock new age pump-shotty and 1911s. The CMP will have a garand to use on one stage, a 1911 on another and an 870 will be there for the shotgun trail/stage.

Come run the old guns! Let me know if you are going and we will catch up and talk about czs!
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