Author Topic: Anyone using the Shadow 2 for home defense?  (Read 6908 times)

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Re: Anyone using the Shadow 2 for home defense?
« Reply #30 on: May 06, 2020, 02:48:54 PM »
TL;DR: It's an improved duty weapon so why wouldn't it be proper for HD aside from $?

Waiting for my S2 to arrive and had the same thought on using it for HD too

My reasons to get it for HD and competition, for you experienced guys to criticize:
1. proficiency focused in only one weapon, given limited available time at the range, it's best to get really good with just one platform and depend on it for all defense
2. It seems like an upgraded duty pistol, so should just work like an improved one
3. local law only allows 2 handguns, and second one is going to be a pocket one (Sig P365?)
4. Only weekend carry, as a white collar, really there's no way to conceal in a office (brazil wall street and it's very hot weather)
5. My weekend "home", that I fear getting invaded, is a countryside ranch, so engaging at 25y+ might happen. No worries at the big city apartment.
6. As quoted bellow it seems to be able to CC, given that you dress around it - I'm okay with that, I would rather die knowing I used my very best weapon, than regret getting confy and not carrying it around (aside from #4 restriction)
7. Double action is 8lb, so it's safer than a striker ~5-6lb, but still very manageable for a first shot

I have been told that I am crazy but I carry my diy cajunized S2 everyday hammer down safety off, appendix carry in a JM custom kydex holster and either a thick leather belt or a Brown Coat tactical riggers belt. I have no problems with concealment I started out with a P09 AIWB, then the Phantom, then the Tactical and now the S2. I have no issue with the weight utilizing the proper supporting equipment either. In the end its your choice, do what makes you happy.   :)

Thanks for your insight, can you please give more insight into it? your size? do you strong size (hip) carry? Does it prints a lot or just in specific conditions?

As a side note, if you were to pick a second handgun that best "translates" your skills in the S2 to it (same grip angle, sight acquisition, trigger), with a compact EDC/HD gun in mind, which would it be?

Thanks for the help!

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Re: Anyone using the Shadow 2 for home defense?
« Reply #31 on: May 14, 2020, 09:41:06 AM »
As previously stated, you could definitely use the S-2 for home defense, but if you have to use it in a HD situation, you may not see it again for a long time. I bought a P-10F with a mounted Olight. If I ever have to surrender it up to the police after a HD situation, I would not be as upset compared to losing my S-2 for possibly years. :(

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Re: Anyone using the Shadow 2 for home defense?
« Reply #32 on: May 16, 2020, 12:14:51 PM »
I recently had a friend tell me I should get a cheaper pistol for every day carry instead of my Cajunized PCR because if I used it the police would confiscate it and I'd be out over $1K. I really don't  agree with that line of thinking. I've used several different makes of pistols for over 40 years and settled on CZ because of my confidence in my ability to use them in a stressful situation.

If I do have to use my pistol in such a situation and I'm still alive, well dang, let the police take it for however long. I'm still alive! I don't care how much that costs. I'd be more upset if I came out the looser.  ;)

I have a Shadow 2, although I don't use it for carry or home defense it functions for me as well as any of the other Cajunized CZs I do use for defense. They all work for me like second nature.

Can't see a reason why a Shadow 2 wouldn't be useful for me in that application if it gave me a little edge and my life depended on it.

So, if it works for you, use it.