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Re: Shadow 2, got mine!
« Reply #15 on: February 02, 2019, 07:55:04 PM »
I broke the 1,000 rnd mark today.  Four range sessions and two USPSA matches. 

We had light showers at the match today so I figured this was as good a time as any to clean the gun.  Other than the initial cleaning to remove the factory grease I just kept adding oil everytime I shot it. 

Upon close inspection, everything is wearing in just fine and ticking over like a handmade clock.  Even the shock buff (decided to leave it in to see how long it lasts) shows only minor indentation where the back of the recoil rod tunnel is hitting it.  I can’t believe the buff still looks like it did when the gun was new. 

I also measured my trigger pulls:  DA right at 7 lbs, SA is 2.5 lbs.  This is 1/2 lb lower in DA (average of 5 pulls) and 1/4 lb lower in SA mode.  This is with no internal polishing.  When doing slow precise firing I am noticing that the SA is more of a roll than a crisp break.  Debating if the CGW or CZC comp hammer will give me more of a distinct wall, but to be honest I don’t notice it at match speed.  I’ll probably leave it alone for now unless I succumb to the itch to find out. 

After shooting 8” plates at 25 yds and mini popppers at 35 I did order a Dawson .100”W x .240”T fiber optic front sight.  The stock front sight is probably fine for 90% of the shots I see at matches, but a little narrower front sight is what all my other guns have and I can tell a difference in matches.  Plus I like how Dawson counterbores the front of the fiber optic pocket so you get a nice crisp outline as opposed to the flat face on the OEM.

As far as match performance, I’m finishing about where I normally finish compared to other guys I shoot with regularly despite dropping down to a low-cap division.  Unfortunately theres not a lot of Prod heat at my local matches, but I’m shooting a few majors later this spring/summer so will see where I end up.  I have to say, shooting Carry Optics for a while helped me with shooting on the move and I’m bringing that back to my iron sight shooting. 

Maybe it’s the new gun-itis, but I’m enjoying the heck out shooting this gun, dry firing like a mad man, and enjoying shooting Production division again.