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Lesson Learned and Truly Exceptional Customer Service!
« on: January 26, 2019, 12:20:23 AM »
Ordered Pro Package Kit for my PCR. After ordering I realized I had selected the race hammer option when I really meant to go with the ring hammer. I called the next morning when they opened and asked them to please make change. They said once orders are placed no changes can be made but since I called early enough in the process they would gladly oblige this time and make the change.

As with all of my other previous orders, my parts arrived within a few days! So I rushed all my tools, parts, and PCR to my workstation to begin the transformation. I quickly unpackaged and staged parts for the install. A well organized plan is key to a pain free install as I've learned from a pro package install on my 97b, and RRK/race hammer install on Rami and P-01.

The install went smooth with no hickup's so I thought. Not until PCR was all put back together did I realize the hammer would not completely fall when trigger pulled. It sat fine in the single action and decocked position. But when trigger pulled, it would only fall a bit past the decocked position never to strike the firing pin.

After several disassemblies and reassemblies I could not find the problem. So after some research, I found a tutorial about disconnector timing issues if hammer did not completely fall.  It recommended filing a bit on the corner edge of disconnector until hammer worked properly. But only a little at a time. After 3 tries there was no difference. In frustration, I reluctantly gave up and decided I would have to send everything to CGW so they could complete the install. Of course this was quite bothersome since I had already done some problem free installs on 3 other CZ's with Cajun parts.

I disassembled all parts and began placing them in there original packages. That's when I noticed the package for the hammer said "Safety Model Ring Hammer". Of course, my honest initial reaction was "How could they!". After a bit of advanced swearing and enough time to calm down I remembered that I was the one that placed the order and read the warning prior about that orders cannot be changed once placed. I also remembered that the nice lady was kind enough to change my order the next morning per my request. (That's when the error of packaging wrong hammer was made I believe.  I also believe if I had not asked for that change I would have received correct decocker hammer). And I also remembered that my eagerness to get the install started, I never bothered to check all parts labels to make sure everything was there and correct.

So I called and explained what happened to Thomas and then Scott. Both were very apologetic. They accepted fault since they had sent the wrong hammer. I was amazed at the level of care and attention these fellas gave me even though the blame I feel was partly or mostly on me. I sent scuffed up hammer back to them along with ruined disconnector like they asked then received a refund and swap for correct parts.

PCR is all back together and runs great! So the lesson here is to be completely sure of the items you order prior to placing order. Also remember to check your items when you receive before starting install. And never doubt that CGW is always looking out for the your best interest. For that reason, i just ordered 10x bushings and new CGW aluminum baseplates. I will also continue to purchase in the future and recommend CGW every chance I get to CZ owners if they don't already know, as I did a few days ago at lgs to the young Army enlistee I believe, when he asked about his long and heavy trigger pull on his first firearm purchase of a CZ pistol. (Boy, did he get it right on his first ever pistol purchase!)

Thanks CGW for creating great products and I commend you for your exceptional customer service! You guys have assembled a great team and company!

Another Satisfied Customer,
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Re: Lesson Learned and Truly Exceptional Customer Service!
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Good to hear