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New to CZ 97b
« on: March 05, 2019, 03:21:26 PM »
Hello guys,

I have a CZ 97B on backorder, so hopefully I will be a CZ owner soon (I am coming from Europe and its still hard to get one).
It is "new" Europe model with wood grips, but new barrel and supposedly a 16LB recoil spring (so no need to change that).
It is not my first pistol, among others I already have Tanfoglio customized with Xtreme parts for IPSC, which is in some ways quite similar to the CZ, so I am quite familiar with how CZ works.

I have already ordered CZ target SAO trigger, SA/DA competition hammer (from what I could find, SAO hammer will not fit) and Shadow sear to get rid of firing pin block.

I don't know what to do with the sights. LPA makes "target" sights, but they are blocky and do not look ok, but I would wait a little before milling a slide (because of the warranty).

Also I do not know what to do with the grips. I have small hands (maybe medium). I would like to stick with wood grips, maybe sand them a bit and refinish them with tung oil, or buy any other walnut grips available (grips4u - about 70?, Nill grips 120?). Does any of you have any good pictures with these grips?

Since I am not able to order most of gun parts from US, does any of you have dimensions of replacement steel guide rod? They are not available in Europe and I will have to made one.
I know that there is nothing wrong with plastic one, but if I would want a plastic gun, I would buy a Glock.

Any help would be appreciated.
Best regards,

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Re: New to CZ 97b
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2019, 05:33:28 PM »
     Hiya aales1 and welcome to the forum from phoenix,arizona. I hope you get a moment to post in the welcome new members area for an official greeting. That was a lengthy first post I must say and my reply is a small sincere attempt to speak from my cz experiences to touch on only a couple of your needs,concerns,and gun projects.
     What country or city are you located in? We have members from across the planet here and may find a neighbor here with a similar interest in the shooting sports. The forum here has a search feature that you can use to search the forums threads for topics of interest and its time well invested to just read up on your platform of interest. The mods are great at delivering threads to the proper area if they arrived to the wrong place initially.
     Was glad to hear your 97b europe version comes standard with the wood grips,I bought a 2015 model and the wood had since been replace with rubber in the USA. It took some hunting and 80USD to get those, and these don't have the palm swell that the black rubber one do,which may fit your medium hands and not require modification. My only experience with the Nill grips was on a SIG Nitrino target .45 and they looked great but since they extended like a mag well they sucked unless using an extended mag. So pretty dosent always equal more functional.
     To comment on your recoil rod subject, do as I say not as I do. If it aint broke why do we often find a need to fix it ? Once ones retired and on a fixed income, the wants suddenly are more distinguishable from the needs. That said of the few dozen ca's owned I routinely replaced the plastic to a steel rod or the DPM which incorporates several springs as the guide rod. With it being a thing thats not really force bearing,and its mostly out of view, I took more issue with spending over 1200 on a tactical sport and getting a plastic trigger on a otherwise steel gun,and routinely replaced those also feeling,as you do maybe slighted, as corporations need to squeeze out increasing profits. This in turn opens the doors to aftermarket business which only prosper when we "need" to have steel rods, custom sights, competition hammers,race springs ad (advertising) infinitum. If your mention of no steel rods are available in Europe,because its not needed,kinda saved owners that amount of money,millions over the years. In december of last year on a related thread a forum member shared using door hinge from Lowes,which functioned perfectly well in his 97b. So vast your local hardware store. My 97bs guide rod is 3 3/4inches long and quarter of an inch wide at the base. Of course you can take your factory rod and spring to the hardware store and measure it yourself. With Tanfoglio parts often being compatible with CZ,is your steel rod in it also a .45cal ? And if your countrys laws allow for me to purchase your steel rod and ship it to you,say the word.
     Unless cost is no object, I'd avoid milling a slide to just one sight option and at least looking into something like a heine Novak cut that opens the door to many rear sight options. Under your countries gun laws are you restricted to how many guns you own ? If you had the money to own 5 different uppers with different sight set ups but ran them off one lower ,does the law see one or 5 guns ?. So, welcome again, we are glad you found us. Be well.

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Re: New to CZ 97b
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2019, 01:49:42 PM »
Hello Adrien. Thank you for your warm welcome.

I come from Slovenia (Europe). I have quite a bit shooting buddies (we are competing in IPSC - but I am not really good) and CZ is the most common pistol arround. Especialy when few years ago Shadow 2 hit the market. But on the other hand 45 ACP is not popular (across all Europe I suppose) and to be honest I have never seen CZ 97 in person. I had Colt 1911, but sold it due to buying motorcycle (do not really know), so a few hunderd 45 ACP rounds stayed in safe and when I was in market for a new pistol I start looking again in 45ACP range. I have heard a lot of good things about 97 and I also like "CZ style" pistols. My Tanfoglio has been a great companion and its working really great after 20k rounds, but price for 45 cal Tanfoglio here is enormous (start at x2 price of 97).
I was always more of Tanfoglio guy as a CZ, mostly because of cheap looking CZ finish, when tanfoglio offered really nice blued or stainlees guns. Now that I have received spare parts for CZ (competition hammer, shadow sear and target trigger) I must say that quality of CZ (at least parts) is much better than Tanfoglio, even Extreme line, so I hope whole gun will be in the same range as parts.
For the grips I have decided, that I will wait until I get a gun and will then decide what to do.
I have done a ton of research about guide rod since a posted first post. I have decided that I will stick with plastic one, since a lot of you do not recommend stainless one, due to possible damage to gun. My Tanfoglio is 9mm, but I dont think that guide rod would fit.
Gun laws (for now, because new EU directive against "disarming law obiding citizens" is taking place and we really do not know what will they restrict) in Slovenia allow possesion of as much guns as you like, even fully automatic if you collect them (but only ones that are currently not in use with military or police) - btw price of fully automatic weapons is almost always cheaper than semi-auto version. Slide, barrel and frame being mandatory parts and have to be registered as a gun, if you change any of that, that needs to be evidented in permit (you can also have more barrels...). Other parts are not evidented, you can buy them, sell them or do with them anything you like. Thank you for your offer, I really apreciate that. If I will change my mind and go with stainless guide rod, I will let you know.
Otherwise I am still waiting for my CZ. I really hope I will receive it soon.

Thank you for all your help!