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Re: What kind of value ?
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if its truly complete and all there the value will depend on the condition.

You dont have a location in your profile so i will just give some generalities.

 - if you have any military collector shows in your area go there and see if you can find any luger collectors.

 - if not you can as mentioned look on GB and see if you can find something similar and go with a range.

 - you can google for any luger collectors (association) in your town and see if there is anyone nearby that would be willing to give it a once over.

an sort of OT .

my first time at our local gun shows i was walking down one of the isles and this guy had 2 tables (like foldup cafeteria tables)  of 2 rows of lugers.  Some of the navy styles with the longer barrels too but many were consecutive numbered where he had picked them up randomly.  And that was only part of his collection.  When i got to the guy it was one of our Governors at that time.  Go figure.  But i had a nice long talk about them.  He was a walking encyclopedia and i forgot 90% of what he rattled off. 

But without picks its only a guess.