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Polished internals on my P07...what a difference!
« on: March 14, 2019, 01:37:50 PM »
I've been reading Schmeky's thread and watching the Ashburn Armorer's video multiple times since I bought my new CZ 2 weeks ago.  Last night I decided to dive in.  Started around 9 (with Schmeky's thread open and the video playing on my phone).  Disassembled the whole thing - keeping everything organized and labeled on a foam egg carton off to the side where I wouldn't knock it over. Disassembly didn't take too long and other than sending the hammer spring into orbit, I got it all apart.  Polishing too a couple hours as I was careful to check my work often to make sure I was making flat contact and not rounding corners or edges*.

I used 400, 1000, and 1500 grit wet/dry automotive paper, keeping the paper on a hard flat surface while holding the parts in my hand as I rubbed it on the paper.  I chucked up the pins in my cordless drill to polish those.  And then used a small drill bit with a small amount of 1000grit taped to it to polish inside all the pin holes.  Once I was was satisfied with all the surface polishing, it was time to re-assemble.

That was a little tougher, mostly because of of my error.  I struggled mightily with the decocker spring.  It was late (past 1am), I was getting tired and cold in my basement workshop.  No matter what, I could not get the spring into the bushing because the firing pin safety activator kept falling in the way and covering the hole for the spring.  I battled that SOB until 230.  Finally said screw it, I'll do it tomorrow.  Went upstairs, poured a night cap and decompressed while watching Ashburn's video again on re-assembling the spring and decocker.  Lo and behold I found my problem:  I had the bearing attached to the wrong side of the activator. So the whole time, I had the lever in backwards.  Duh.  Well, I couldn't go to sleep now.

Back down to the workshop and from there it was smooth sailing.  Everything was back together and I had a satisfactory function check.

I took the gun to the range today, and my word, Schmeky's tutorial made a world of difference.  Incredible.  Huge thanks up him and Ashburn.

*one thing I noticed in a lot of videos on polishing gun parts is, people holding the part in one hand and the sand paper in the other while rubbing vigorously.  I don't think that's good practice.  Your fingers aren't hard and flat. You can't make perfectly straight up and down motions because of your elbow pivot point.  You risk rounding critical corners and edges.  The sear, decocker, and trigger bar all have critical notches and surfaces that need to be flat/square/or at a precise angle.  Those tolerances are impossible to hold when using your round soft fingers to polish them.  Keep the paper on the table top and move the part along the paper.  If you must hold paper and part in hand, wrap the paper around a small file, or popsicle stick.  Anything that's harder and flatter than your fingers.

Good shootin.

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