Author Topic: 527 Youth model Carbine is Discontinued - Low $400 prices all over the Net  (Read 253 times)

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I have a 527 youth in 7.62x39 and for some reason I did a search last evening on "CZ 527 for sale". Not that I was looking for another one or anything but...IDK, just something to do.

Anyway it took me to "GunWatcher" and I see the Youth Carbines in both 7.62 x 39 and those in .223 are all around $420 to $440-ish range.

I really didn't want another one but at that price I went for one, got it with free shipping...out the "door" for $420. I plan on getting a semi-inletted stock (of a fairly high grade) and stocking it to more an adult sized stock. As most of you know, the barreled action is the same on the youth model as it is on the adult model, all the difference is in the stock.

There were a lot of dealers selling these and either caliber was available.


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Man that's a good price!  Even if you buy a full size stock from CZ you will have less in it than if you bought a regular 527!!

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That's about what they sell just the receiver/action for.

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Sweet! 8)

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 Thanks for the heads up. I got one on the way. If the stock is short enough, I plan to put my thermal scope on it for the hogs.

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Congrats and thanks for the heads up.  A few months back, I saw a couple places were offering the 527 Carbine in 7.62x39 with the Rustic stock for down around that price.  Tempting, but I already have one with the walnut so I let it go by.  Enjoy the new rifle!