Author Topic: Failure to Feed Issues & Help to Remedy  (Read 383 times)

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Failure to Feed Issues & Help to Remedy
« on: May 08, 2019, 12:22:34 AM »
Got a P01 compact recently and took it to the range. The good news is the recoil and overall accuracy were fantastic.

The not so good news is, in 150 rounds of Winchester steel jacketed 115 grain ammo, there were three failure to feed malfunctions. Not awesome of course, but not surprising.

The bad news is, there were 6 FTF malfunctions in 28 rounds of Winchester Brass Jacketed 147 grain hollow points.

Talked to a dude I know who is very knowledgeable about CZs and guns in general, and in addition to the normal lube, clean, and better ammo, he mentioned that the recoil spring should be replaced.

Any thoughts on that? Seems like the only options on CGW are the factory #16 or lighter.

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Re: Failure to Feed Issues & Help to Remedy
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2019, 06:27:46 AM »
Don't guess the failure to fire problems had any link to the recoil spring (possible) concern.  So you can rule that out.

The thing in common here is the WW ammo.  I've bought a box or two and it's not particularly accurate and it's dirty.  On the other hand my nephew says his XD's like it just fine.  So far I've not seen an XD that will shoot the groups some of my CZ's will so maybe that's why he doesn't see a difference.

Is your pistol new?  If so, why would it need a new recoil spring?  It's not a bad idea to have a spare, so you could order one and install it and keep the old one for a spare (if it's new).  If that solves the problem then you might want to order another (for the spare) and toss the original.

Or you could try some different ammo.

One of my P01's had an occasional failure to feed problem with the 115 grain hollow points I load.  The bullet would hang up on the ramp and I'd have to smack the back of the slide to get it to finish chambering.  Brand new pistol (P01 Omega).

One day while I was cleaning it I noticed a sort of "line" across the feed ramp.  I couldn't see it, but I could feel it with my fingernail.  I got out my trusty Dremel and used a sanding drum to remove enough metal to smooth it out and then a polishing wheel (felt wheel and lapping compound) to shine it up to a mirror finish.  No more problems.  The second P01 Omega i bought was perfect from the start.

Dremel work is a touchy thing.  You can mess something up pretty quick if you're not careful.  If yours is new, you might want to call CZ USA and see what they say.  They may tell you to ship it back to them so they can look it over and see if there is a fix they can do for you.
I stopped carrying the SIG 556R.  SIG changed models and couple/three times and stopped supporting it with parts.  So, I stopped supporting SIG.  Back to the tried/true AR15 Carbine.

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Re: Failure to Feed Issues & Help to Remedy
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2019, 07:25:00 AM »
    I'm presuming this is a new P-01 and it WAS cleaned and lubed prior to your outing? My recommendations would be to first clean and lube the pistol. Get some RN FMJ ammo. There's a site called Ballistics 101 and it gives the velocity and energy of various commercial ammos. Get something on the higher side of the spectrum but still standard pressure to use (S&B would be great if you can find it). ID your magazines and when you load the magazines be certain the cartridges are pushed in as far as they go, all the way in. If you only have one magazine, get another. It's not a bad idea to have two anyways.
    Try her out again. If you still have problems start looking elsewhere.  If the pistol is used and you don't know the round count drop in a fresh recoil spring.  I'd strongly suggest sticking with stock. Trust the engineers at CZ... CZ USA is a good place to order spare parts too :-)
    Good luck, post up how she does next time out.

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Re: Failure to Feed Issues & Help to Remedy
« Reply #3 on: May 09, 2019, 10:12:03 PM »
Thanks for the advice folks, it is a used CZ with 200 rounds through it, seemed to be perfectly clean and wet enough but I did not strip, clean and lube before my outing.

I will definitely do that before my next outing, will also get a couple different weight springs to give it a try (why not). I planned on taking it to a good smith in my town anyhow to show me how to install some new parts, I'll have him give it a look and give the feedramp a good polish while I'm at it. Love the idea of doing it myself and have a dremel, but would rather not risk the learning curve on a gun I'm really excited about.

Will repost once I get some new tests (and will definitely keep track of mags this time around).

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Re: Failure to Feed Issues & Help to Remedy
« Reply #4 on: May 12, 2019, 01:34:04 PM »
The WWB ammo would be the first place to start.  I quit using it in the 1990s in autos because the QC in OAL was so bad that some round were over .1" longer than maximum OAL.
Not suprisingly that turned an auto that would happily gobble up any junk into a jam-o-matic.
I still occasionally use it in revolvers but it is really dirty.