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New LOK Grips on the Pre B
« on: May 11, 2019, 04:36:09 PM »
1991 CZ 85 Pre B
LOK Grips - Black with Blood Red Inlay/Liner

I picked this up last month and now have put 600 trouble free rounds through it.  It is missing the magazine guide and the hammer spring visually doesn't look right but works amazing.
I only have 1 CZ Pre-B mag that does not drop free - I picked up a couple MecGar 16s and they drop free empty, MecGar 17/19s fit and work but don't budge you have to pull them out.
I Had planned to ship this one off to CGW - but after input from fellow members on this board and a friend at work - my new plans are as follows:
First I know I bought way too many springs of the same types from 4 different places, but hey now I'll never need springs.  ;D

- I purchased a High Performance Complete Spring Kit from BHP Solutions
- I purchased from CZ Custom a  bunch of springs, magazine guide, pins, extra 85 slide stop (only left side fits - newer right side is bigger)
- I purchased from CZ USA a bunch of misc parts and the Armorers Manual for CZ75 Series Pistols
- I purchased/ordered from Cajun Gun Works (based on a members input)   #13 hammer spring, extended firing pin, reduced power trigger return spring combo (of which besides the firing pin - I had the CZCustom and BHP 13lb spring)

I am going to look at all the great information on this board - complete strip, replace all springs and parts I feel need replacing, polish if needed it is broken in - then just shoot it and shoot it some more. 

Man I love CZ's and this board!  Have a great day!