Author Topic: 2-Stage trigger for Scorpion EVO now shipping from ShootingSight  (Read 4830 times)

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ShootingSight has finally launched the 2-stage trigger for the Scorpion that we have been developing.

This is not just a new trigger bow, but it is a total replacement of the trigger system; replacing the hammer, sear, and disconnector with new CNC machined components to turn the fire control group into a true 2-stage trigger that is simultaneously robust enough for combat, but precise enough for competition shooting.  In a 2-stage design, you pull through most of the trigger travel (take-up) at a fairly low pull force, then you hit a 'bump' as a second spring engages.  You then pull a little harder at this 'second stage' of pressure, and with virtually no additional travel, the hammer drops.  So you can easily pull up to the second stage, then pick the exact moment the hammer releases.

Total pull is between 4.5 and 5.0lb.  Reset is short and snappy.  Break is sharp as glass.  And all parts are polished and NiB coated for smooth operation.

Trigger system is available as a kit, including all the parts you need to build into the existing cage of your trigger group for $199, it will also be available as a total cage that you just drop in, however I'm waiting on parts that are backordered from CZ.  That option will be $239.

The trigger group uses the same method to attach a trigger bow as the CZ design, so if you have upgraded your trigger bow to one of the available after-market options out there, you can re-use what you have.

The trigger is available at: