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Can the P10 series slide stop be used a slide release?

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Metal Wonder Nine Guy:
The handful of P10C's and F's I've seen in stores have very stiff slide stops, which makes me wonder if the stop is useable as a slide release. These guns were factory new so it is understandable that they are stiff when new. I'd like to hear any feedback from you folks with P10 variants.

From my experience with 75 variants the stiffness and usability of the slide stop/release can vary from the factory. Even on the bad ones it can be tuned to improve function significantly. I assume that the same goes for the P-10's. I to am interested to hear more from those with first hand experience with the model.

There are threads on the M&P Forum and the Beno Forum about M&P's breaking their slide stops.  The 2.0's seem to be the issue.

Some have stated that the 2.0 slide stop is only a slide stop, not a slide release and the only proper way to release the slide after an empty magazine slide lock to the rear is to use the opposite hand to "sling shot" the slide to chamber that 1st round from the next magazine.

Not sure of the P10 design/set up but if it's similar to the M&P 2.0 there could be issues in the future.

Some people have replaced their 2.0 slide stops with 1.0 slide stops (magazine insertion releases the slide to chamber the next round so no one has to forcibly push downwards on the slide stop "button" which transfers some stress to the "leg" of the slide stop between the "button" and the front/pin of the slide lock.

Yes, others on those forums pointed out what they see as a flaw in the design in the case of you not being able to use the opposite hand for some reason.

I ordered a 1.0 slide stop/spring for my 2.0 the other day and will probably replace it next week.

Currently there is a thread on the CZ forum of the Brian Enos Forums discussing this. There have been other threads on here and benos also.  Here is my experience.  I have two P-10 Cs.  Out of the box, my slide stop/release was so stiff it was basically unuseable as a slide release, on both guns.  After a lot of shooting, dry firing and dropping the slide on loaded and unloaded mags, both are serviceable.  As serviceable as a Glock?  No, but they continue to improve with use and the triggers are so much better than my Glock that I am willing to put up with the slide stop/release as they get better.

You can also speed up the wearing in process by judicious sanding and polishing of the mating areas of the slide stop/release.

I have 2018 P10C FDE. The slide stop works fine as a release.

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