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Why did you pick either a P-07 or P-09?

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Metal Wonder Nine Guy:
So between these two polymer pistols, what made you pick a P-07 or P-09 over the other? I know the P-09 is  larger, has more rounds and a bigger grip and the P07 is more of a compact weapon.

I picked my 07 because I liked my 09 so much and wanted something a little smaller for daily carry. I got the 09 at a pawn shop for $325 and fell in love with it. My 09 has been on nightstand duty ever since I got the 07.

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My carry is a shield 9 mm stock 1.0 . All my other pistols are HD or range plinkers . I prefer full size pistols . No use for a compacts as I don't do on body carry . I put Night Fision sights on my P-09 (internals all stock) and it works like a charm . I have the safety on it as I usually stick to SA mode when shooting it . The SA is nice and light enough for me .  Most people go with a P-07 for carry vs a P-09 .


P-09 was my first CZ. Capacity was reason 1. Full sized plus combat pistol. Customizing with backstraps (5 years ago), safety or decock option. And lastly polymer hammer fired.

Yesterday I picked up a P-07, od green with a kadet kit for $550. I wanted a compact hammer fired pistol that was a bit safer than a striker fired conceal piece. Last summer I picked up a Shield which is fine for carry, looked heavily at a Beretta px4 in urban grey, was ready to buy and then noticed a big scratch on the slide, broke deal. Bought the Shield instead. When I consider which gun I shoot the most, it is my P0-9 in .22lr format. When the used P0-7 kadet kit became avail, no brainer.

     Fired quite a few pistols before the CZs, and had to travel 150 miles to try the P07 and P09. I actually shot the P09 a little better, but liked the feel of the P07. Might have just been the balance point, but it was enough. Capacity may have swayed me if I was in The Land of the Free, but NJ made that point moot !  Wife bought one in ODG a year later !   


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