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Re: Bear Creek Bullets
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I just wanted to update this thread. I purchased a couple thousand 200g 0.401" directly from Bear Creek to try and experiment with a newly acquired STI DVC Limited. In short, the bullets were very consistent in weight (201g-203.4g) on a A&D scale with consistent bullet length and diameter.

My load workup with these netted great groups with 4.1g of N320 at 1.18" OAL. This load produced a power factor of 172 with an SD of less than 10 - plenty good enough for me. No smoke that I can tell, barrel remains clean and loaded rounds are very consistent.

No idea why, but the best price I've found for these bullets and many other Bear Creek Bullets have been through an online retailer out of state that is dropped shipped from the Bear Creek?! LPL bullets dot com sells them for about 20% less (shipped price) than directly from Bear Creek; you do need to buy at least 2000 to get the best shipped price.

In summary, I would highly recommend these bullets. In fact, although I've been completely satisfied with the Precision Delta 124 JHPs on my TSO, when I run out I'm going to give Bear Creek 9mm bullets a try.