Author Topic: 6.75" Midwest Industries Handguard quick review  (Read 995 times)

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6.75" Midwest Industries Handguard quick review
« on: August 10, 2019, 02:01:22 PM »
I didn't see much information on this forum about the Midwest Industries Handguard so I thought to share my experiences so others in the future could make a educated purchase.  So I'll just do a quick pros and cons list with some photos.

- Solid and clean work
- Built in QD swivel cups in both sides
- Best looking handguard in my personal opinion
- No sighting issues like the HBI Paske hand guard
- Wider interior dimensions for my 1.5" diameter Suppressor
- M-Lok positions at 11 & 1 O'clock for weapon lights
- Tight fit up with the Scorpion receiver
- Simple once piece construction
- Priced well

- Slightly heavier than the stock handguard
- Aluminum charging handle isn't recommended unless well lubricated
- M-Lok 11 & 1 O'clock positions are limited to low profile light mounts.  Can't use picatinny rails here

The hand guard secures itself with the trunion using a tension screw which doesn't get any simpler than that.  As long as you torque the tension screw to Midwest's specs with some loctite, it's not going anywhere.  The handguard isn't going to rotate on you because the upper rail is keyed to the receiver. 

I really wanted this rail because I wanted a clean rail with mounts for my light specifically at the 11 o'clock position.  Unfortunately, no pictainny rails will fit as the clearance between the Mlok slot and the main upper rail are too close.  Only direct Mlok mount will work here.  Now the other problem which is specific to the 6.75" model.  There is only One and a half Mlok slots at these positions on this model length.  It really limits weapon light positioning.  For example I had a Arisaka light mount and it brings the weapon light way too far forward.  I then tried to reverse the mount and I had to grid off some material so it could sit flat due to the rail's profile but it would only work on the side that didn't have the charging handle.  I want it on the left side so I can manipulate the tail button with my weak hand thumb.  I found a company that makes a direct mount that mounts directly through my Surefire Scout's feet.  This gave me what I was looking for.  This will not be an issue with Midwest's 11.5" rail.  With my set up, there's just enough room and comfortable enough to manipulate the tail switch and pull the charging handle.

The Surefire M300 was the best option here for me.  Short small firearm, with matching weapon light.  I also use NVG's so I wanted to use the Vampire head with this light. 

My set up is with the In Lead We Trust Mini Micro Barrel 4.125" Barrel and KAK Industries Slim Extended Flash can till I get my 9mm suppressor out of NFA Jail.  Hope this helps anyone out there.