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Bad day at the range with my CZ P09

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Took me twenty years of reloading to have my first squib today.  I was shooting my brand new CZ  P09 and in the middle of a mag dump I had a boom.  The pistol locked up with the barrel stuck in the forward position.  Took me a couple of hits with a rubber mallet to free it up.  And sure enough the barrel was bulged.  I take full responsibility for my screw up and will have to send the gun back to CZ to see if they can help me out.   It's a testament to the quality and strength of CZ pistols that the only real damage was a slight bulge in the barrel, blown extractor,  and  a small chunk of finish off one of the forward rails.  The CZ P09 is built like a tank. 

The only excuse I can think of is after all these years reloading with a beam scale I used a digital scale for the first time.  I think I'll go back to my slower but trustful beam!

I have pics of the damage , but do not know how to download them to the site.

Squibs usually don?t cycle the slide.

Hmmm, don't know what else it could be, then.  Anyway, with full disclosure I am hoping CZ will fix the pistol.

Was going to order new barrel and extractor and call it good.  But CZ has out of stock on all P09 barrels. 

Cajun Gun Works has a threaded P-09 barrel if that helps.

Good luck


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