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P-07 Mags Discontinued?

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I tried searching for some additional mags for my new P-07, and everywhere I looked it said they were discontinued or out of stock.  Then I read a post from somewhere else that said the mags from a P-10C fit the P-07.  Well?  Who knows the answer?  I am hoping the vast knowledge base that we have here can steer me in the right direction. I need more 15 or 16 round mags!

Thanks in advance for any light that be shed on this subject.

Hemiscorpius lepturus:
First or 2nd gen P-10c mags will fit the P-07, Part numbers include 11420 11423 11184 11185


I sure can empathize with your dilemma MadDuner ! It's real bad when your state threatens to make you a felon and you have to send all your standard capacity mags to your daughter out of state.
    Seemed like there were no 10 round mags available for a while, but they come and go. While CZ mags appear to be made by MecGar, I believe there are agreements in place prohibiting them from marketing them directly.
    The baseplates on the P10 mags is shaped differently, but will perform the same as long as the side release cuts align.

I noticed this as well. I get my P07/P09 mags from the CZ store website and the only thing they show for the P07 now is in 40 cal. I contacted CZ on this and they said to now use the P10C mags, bu that the base pad does not line up exactly perfect, but it is not noticable really.


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