Author Topic: NIB CZ 75 SP-01 test target is WAY off. Shocked. Is this the norm for CZ?  (Read 905 times)

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While I agree that the test target is for function, I'm pretty sure shooter 01634 is not actually aiming/firing the gun at the test range.  They must have a test fire rig that will hold the gun and fire it.  I assume the shooter must align the sights once in the rig for shooting the group.

Too many uncontrolled variables go into this test for me to worry about it.  I'd go shoot the pistol and see for yourself.

They are actually fired by hand, not a rest or anything they put them in.

Really?  That seems like a crappy job then.  Do they get to practice bullseye style at least?!  Imagine how many guns they are shooting a day!?

If this is true then I wouldn't look at the test target for any sign of accuracy at all.


For the millionth time - they don't shoot them for accuracy. Their job is to test fire, purely for function, dozens and dozens of guns a day, not to take their sweet time trying to impress whoever is getting the gun by their ability to shoot accurately.

Not sure why people get so upset about this. Many manufacturers don't even test fire, period.

Edit: A few other points:

- The HUGE majority of CZ pistol test targets I see are well under 3" - all at 25 yards.
- This one is under 4".
- 90% of shooters cannot produce groups that size at 25 yards unless they're shooting both hands rested.
- That kind of accuracy from a function test target is incredible when the goal is not to take your time, but to simply shoot the gun as fast/safely as possible and on to the next.

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+1.....Well said Raining Brass. Thanks for putting this in perspective.
I do understand why MrMaim asked, and if the question's been asked a million times before, I'm sure it will be asked again.

Among my collection of fine handguns, my SP-01 Tactical remains among the most accurate. Yeah, I'll take 4" groups shot offhand at 25meters (82') late in the day, I would guess after shooting many hundreds of rounds.

And yes, as M1A4me has pointed out, mine prefers 124 grain over the 115 grain used on this test. It may well shift the pattern, assuming one can shoot as well as this function tester.  YMMV  :D

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Get a Dawson adjustable rear sight on it and that SP-01 will sing.

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The intent of my comment wasn't to refute the test target for accuracy but to highlight if they are shooting by hand what a crappy job that must be.   I can't imagine shooting all day at a target at a fixed distance over and over and over...

I mean how many guns are they producing a day?   They should have a fixture that you drop the gun into make any minor aiming correction and a machine fires away.  Then you could use the target as a test of accuracy.

Just a thought.


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Maybe they have to shoot “crappy” so that all of the required number of rounds shows on paper. If they put 4 rounds through the same hole then maybe they’ll be criticized for not shooting enough test rounds?

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Maybe they have to shoot “crappy” so that all of the required number of rounds shows on paper. If they put 4 rounds through the same hole then maybe they’ll be criticized for not shooting enough test rounds?

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Never did that at 25 meters.  Done it (sort of) at 10 to 12/13 yds.  Shoot a round.  See the hole, okay, Shoot round two.  Where's the hole???  How did I miss that whole piece of paper???  Shoot round 3 and...hmm, looks like that hole is just a bit bigger.  Look at it more, maybe (when I'm by myself at the pistol range) lay the CZ down and take a few steps towards the target to get a closer look and sure enough, the hole is a bit bigger.  Quicklly grab the phone, take a picture, go back to the table, pick the pistol up and just go to pieces (meaning I can't hold the pistol steady enough long enough to suit me for the next trigger pull.)

The very first 3 shots I ever shot from the P09 9MM.  I bought the pistol and 50 rounds of 115 grain hollow points from a reloading outfit in GA (don't remember the name, but I think it's the same folks Joe buys his ammo from - that's why I bought it, Joe uses it and gets great results with it).  I went to the range on the way home and shot the pistol.  No distance on it (probably 10 to 12/13 yds. as that's what I usually shoot it) as I took the picture after those first 3 shots on it.  I usually write all my info on the target after I pull it down and before I start shooting the next load/group/pistol.

I have similar pictures for the black P01 Omega and the P07 .40 S&W.

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Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.  So, if you see me walking the dogs with my SIG 556R, its okay.

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My Rami test target indicated a tight group that was off to the left. Mine not only indicated the potential accuracy of the pistol but matched exactly where the pistol shot POA/POI on my target.

Perhaps an exception to the rule, however it would have been nice if the POA/POI had been corrected by CZ by centering the front sight, especially before staking it in place.

Scroll down.

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It never ceases to amaze me how people think they can out shot their gun.
What I lack in speed , I make up for with inaccuracy