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Is anyone seeing the p10 S in the wild?

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I can't find one anywhere.

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I don’t think that they’ll be common in LGSs until the Arkansas plant ramps up production.  As I understand it, they are not importable as sold so they are being assembled in KC.  There are only 70 employees in KC which does not translate to a large production staff.  Hopefully, we see more of them soon but it might be a year before they are common.

Only in pictures. I've seen more ads with S models lately so I'm hopeful. CZ seldom announces a gun is in production and then provides many of them to distributors. It's a shame but it is the true track record. You can spot them online in small quantities and gun broker usually has one that will auction for about 650 - 750 bucks if you want to pay over msrp.

There was one posted locally for $450 but I was too late to get it.  On the bright side, it was picked up by a friend so I’ll have a chance to shoot it this month.

Got one right here. :)


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