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P10C Suppressor Sights


I am still not finding these.   I want to carry my P10C with a red dot but I can't find BUIS for it.   CZ-USA has been out of stock for months.   BTW, I assume the sights that say P-07/9 will work on a P10.   What is the difference between the #2, #3 and #4?

Does anyone have any other source?   Last time I looked, CGW had some they used for conversions, but didn't sell them.

I have a P10C with #3 Suppressor height sights.  Want to do a trade?  What sights do you have on your's currently?

I have the stock P10C sights.   So not much to trade.   If you want to sell, you could get what you want.   Why did you get a gun with suppressor sights and don't want anymore?

So your sights are the luminescent type that require exposure to a light for night sight work?  Or are they the small night sights? 

The tall sights on my gun are the small diameter tritium night sights.  Black outline rear and white outline front.

I got a very good deal on this gun is why I purchased it.  NIB 310.00.  I have a Griffin Armament micro comp coming for the barrel but have no plans at all for a can.   Have even considered Fision sights as replacements. 

How much would you offer for these?


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