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Re: Emergency Food
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I am old school, but perhaps not cheap as I love to pressure can my own (or wife's) home made soups, chilis, salsa, spaghetti sauce, leftover pot roasts -- you name it.  If you purchase large cuts or packages of meats, etc. without a big family to eat it all, consider making enough left-overs to pressure can in sealed mason jars.  The outlay for a quality pressure canner, jars, rings, and one-use lids allows for storage of super-yummy recipes (your own) without need for refrideration or dehydration.  Very much worth it IMHO -- especially if one were to also invest in a garden and hunting wild game.  Hard to beat the feeling of self sufficiency with a bunch of your OWN products sitting nicely on the shelf and made for a quick meal to re-heat whenever.

I am old school, cheap and lazy. I pick up a few canned items almost every time I am at the store. Could be anything from Campbell's Chunky Soups, to canned meat, or Dinty Moore Beef Stew, but whatever it is,. it doesn't require added water, is easy to open, and has a few years shelf life.
I do rotate stock, too. Dinty Moore is really good with a little Worcestershire and coarse ground black pepper...which leads to another point. For the lightweight run away bag, consider WalMart's camping section, and the plastic camp spice deal they have. It's 6 different ones, IIRC, and one thing you will never remember to take with you in a hurry is salt and pepper...pork and beans by themselves get nasty after a while. Just sayin'.
Of course, with our age and infirmities, buggin IN is far more likely.