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CZ Scorpion in Steel Challenge
« on: August 24, 2019, 03:30:31 PM »
I shot my first Steel Challenge match with my Scorpion today.  Gun is a ball of fun to shoot.  I have been shooting PD 124 grain HPs, but I switched to Blue Bullets 124 grain RNL for today‚Äôs Match.  Over 200 rounds with no jams.  Accuracy was on par with the jacketed bullets and the POI seems to be roughly the same.  Gun is much more accurate than I am.  This shooter definitely need some practice and work.

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Re: CZ Scorpion in Steel Challenge
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2019, 01:29:46 AM »
9/10 the 124 grain is the sweet spot.  I currently use 147 HST for duty rounds, have 124+P hst as backup on a suppressed scorpion pistol. They shoot well but some need to get used to it first it seems

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Re: CZ Scorpion in Steel Challenge
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2019, 01:25:38 PM »
Ha well that's funny! ;D   Due to a dinged up elbow  :-\, I had to put my normal steel match pistol on the bench and brought my Scorpion out of the bullpen for my first steel shoot with it.   It's definitely a blast to shoot steel with it.   The match setup 4 courses of fire and we shot each one twice with best score counting.    I'm glad for that since operator error really cost me on one and I knew better.    I loaded all my mags to maximum capacity which is a no no!   I swapped a mag with 1 round still in the pipe and bolt closed.   The mag wouldn't catch and after the first shot the mag fell on the floor!   

Anyway, I captured my runs on a GoPro.   This YouTube link below shows my best run on all 4 courses squashed into a single 38 second video.   FYI, my match was unlimited shots except CoF4.    If you finish and missed a target it was a 5 second penalty.   Shooting plates out of order is another 5 second penalty.    If it took you multiple shots to hit the target on Courses 1-3, there was no penalty but of course it added time.   I regularly shoot my Scorpion in IDPA matches so I have a feel for how it runs.

Course of Fire 1:   dueling tree and plates.....shooting a red plate on the dueling tree, then red plate.   yellow tree/yellow plate etc.   I would have been better shooting red tree/red plate.....yellow plate/yellow tree.

Course of Fire 2:  Shoot 6 which plates in any order and red stop plate last.

Course of Fire 3:  Shooting white round plates, 1 hit each near to far, then reverse and shoot far to near.   6 shots if you don't miss.

Course of Fire 4: On beep, draw and fire 1 shot to hit the red target.   one shot only.

Last thing I want to add.....I'm a 58 year old competitor so I'm not the best or the fastest but I have fun which is all that matters.