Author Topic: Threaded 97 barrels?  (Read 6782 times)

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Re: Threaded 97 barrels?
« Reply #45 on: May 29, 2019, 08:39:50 PM »
Nice!  How does it work?  You still have the factory barrel bushing, did you have to fit the barrel?

It runs really well so far, super fun. Accuracy seems fine and the slide moves SO slowly back into battery with suppressors attached, its awesome. Some fitting required but super easy if you have a factory barrel to reference. I ordered the 97bd after the Barsto barrel arrived lol...

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Re: Threaded 97 barrels?
« Reply #46 on: June 15, 2019, 06:35:51 PM »
Got mine! Gunsmith will do it next week, then to connect my Osprey.

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Re: Threaded 97 barrels?
« Reply #47 on: September 08, 2019, 07:38:28 PM »
HELP! Can't get pictures to show. Any ideas? When I click the INSERT IMAGE button it posts "" and I insert the imgur link. but no picture shows??

CZ97 BD with:
Cajun Gun Works in-shop ProE Package + Picatinny rail + CGW Logo + BarSto barrel fitting
Bar-Sto .45ACP CZ97 barrel
Dead Air GhostM suppressor
Streamlight light

The CZ97 had about 300 rounds through it before sending in to CGW for work. The tipping point for sending it in was I had the factory bushing nut rotate and lock the slide back.. no good! (Issue resolved in the garage, had to tap the bushing nut with a punch and hammer until the slide unlocked) .
The work from CGW looks excellent, feels very good. SA is a small takeup then light wall to break. DA is small takeup then smooooooth pressure until break. 3.5#SA & 7#DA (pretty sure from memory) per the CGW gunsmith. The CGW experience was great,
can't wait to test the gun.

LOK grips (Palmswell Bogie, medium size hands.. ??)
Truglow TFX Pro

Dead Air GhostM is new, not tried yet. Have a Obsidian 45 so expect same or better results :)

Have not tried the '97 yet, can't wait! Feels very good, not too heavy /

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Re: Threaded 97 barrels?
« Reply #48 on: September 09, 2019, 07:13:52 AM »
The TFX PRO sights on the 97 will shoot about 6” low at 10 yards.  They are for the 75, rear is waaay low.  I have the TFX PRO front and CZ #12 rear and I still need to hold high.  That front dot is big, not a target sight but a great combat sight.  I’m fabricating parts to raise the TFX rear.

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Re: Threaded 97 barrels?
« Reply #49 on: September 09, 2019, 08:40:49 PM »
Thanks for the info re: TFX Pro's..
Per CGW when I talked to the gunsmith when I asked about replacement sights: Front sight: 0.37", rear sight 0.41"

I just got back from range, everything ran pretty good, sounded good with the GhostM. Had a couple issues over 75 rounds or so:
 slingshotting the slide would not quite put her into battery
 1 failure to eject
 1-2 failure to enter SA upon second shot

These issues seem to be resolved with the supressor off.. was using Federal 230gr FMJ target ammunition. Maybe needs something hotter?