Author Topic: SP-01 tactical, odd hammer 1/4 cock in front of normal 1/2 cock  (Read 158 times)

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SP-01 tactical, odd hammer 1/4 cock in front of normal 1/2 cock
« on: September 10, 2019, 06:00:29 PM »
SP-01 tactical,

Installed a CGW 75200 defense carry kit including short reset FPB lifter and longer firing pin that goes with the short reset parts.

With the trigger held all the way back then a short slide movement (basically just moved  back until the take-down marks line up). I then get a very very short hammer  drop if I release the trigger to the reset point then pull trigger.

OK, after further investigation it  seems normal as it appears that moving the slide to the take-down marks is just far enough to move the hammer so that the sear drops into the half cock notch.

Then re-setting the trigger allows the trigger bar to move the sear far enough to lift it out of the half cock notch & drop the hammer (I didn't realize a trigger pull could drop the hammer from the half cock notch) as it is usually in double action once the trigger is fully released.

Doesn't seem like it would be a problem, just something that seemed odd to me at the time. 


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