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Yes, 6mm long roll pins, 3mm dia.  I fat fingered my phone!  The hardened rod is #32 drill dia. and cut to 15mm long. 

There are no SAO conversions commercially available due to liability reasons relating to the removable safety(to install decocker).  I really like the gun like this.  Without the DA to worry about, I run a #18 hammer spring, heavy CGW sear spring, and the SA release is crisp and light.  The Omega trigger SA gets more spongy and vague with light hammer springs. Only 2-3mm trigger take up remains.  I think that can be eliminated with a longer trigger bar.  You would have to measure, cut, and Tig weld back together the required distance longer.  Then fit the FP block lifter for fine adjustment.  When I find a precision welder I'll try it.

I have to do some more load testing but the PM barrel seems to prefer slightly higher than minor velocity,  which is fine as the comp works well in that range and the way the gun is balanced with the muzzle weight and recoil spring, the dot returns perfectly centered.  With my USPSA minor loads I could probably drop the recoil spring to a #13 for better balance.  Now all I need is a magwell, and possibly a thumb rest as I can fit one to the side of the weight. 

I would love to post a pic but you can't here without a link to a hosting site and I do not do that.  I have a NAS in my house for pics, docs, backups, etc.


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