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Some Pic's From Sundays Range Day
« on: November 24, 2019, 11:37:46 PM »
Well nothing special but after finishing up with my normal drills and shooting for the day I figured I would shoot some from a rest @ 25yrds @ our Indoor range. It never ceases to amaze me how good my CZ 07 shoots & this just reconfirms it all. These were done with my CZ-07 with an RMR mounted & shot from a decent rest. I shot my reloads 1st and then some Lawman factory ammo I had in the range box. I also had some UMC/Remington 115 FMJs but didn't take the time. (Dinner was waiting @ home LOL) As you can see they turned out pretty good, not saying "other" guns/brands can't duplicate this I'm sure many can but with that said can most inexpensive/defensive/polymer guns under $500 bucks do this? Maybe yes maybe no, I'll leave that up to others to try!  ;) Anyway here are a few pic's from the day, I hope you enjoy & let me know what ya think.  :)

I have the one flyer up and right on this one,I should have pasted them up but the ones low left were on the target. I pasted the NEW Orange dots on the old/used target. Both targets are 10 shots. It looks like the Factory/Lawman ammo is centered up a little better but grouping is a little different than my powder coated 148s, I am equally impressed with both! I did my best to control/hold guns exactly the same for both groups and feel like I did pretty good.I put one of my reloads next to the Factory rd for comparison, just for the heck of it I guess, my load is a tad shorter I think,I can't remember my OAL (it is written down in my book, so I do have it, LOL.} The 147 TMJ is a little different profile also as you can see, but I have shot 4/500 of these and they run fine in my 07 and other CZs I have tried them in. And lastly here is the little beauty that made it all possible, LOL I know you have seen it before but couldn't pass up showing it off again. Thanks for looking.

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