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New P-09 (again)

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About 3 yrs back bought a new P-09 and traded it about a year later for a CZ 75 compact. I now carry a P-07 as edc. Love it by the way. Yesterday I was in my local pawn shop. A new P-09 was in the display case. I mentioned it and the manager (owners son) said he was tired of looking at it and would make me a deal. It was marked at $419.99 down from $440.00. I asked how much. I have bought several guns from them including the first P-09. He said $370.00 if I took it home. I said done. I will take it. Last night I was on-line looking at mags and found a closeout deal on 40 S&W mags and bought two for less that $11 each. My P-07 is 9mm. The P-09 is a forty. Life is good!  ;D

Congrats !!!
Life is good, but with CZs even better  8)

Gratz on the new P-09, nice find.

Nice buy!  Love my P-09

Can't gpw rong with a P09 for sure and you got a great price. My first P09 is a UG/SR 9mm model and I love it. Picked up another one, but OD green model 9mm. I fired it yesterday and it is just amazing. The P09 shoots so soft and flat.


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