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P-10S for steel, 50 yards


Joe L:
I'm still surprised at how much I like the little striker fired plastic subcompact.  Excellent results at 100 and 200 yards with a red dot were a bonus.  On Tuesday, I decided to shoot just the P-10S at a steel plate at 50 yards, but faster than bullseye slow fire pace.  This went well.  And to keep it fun for me, I just used one camera and one recorder, so the video isn't long, just 30 shots. 

Sometimes I just need to go plinking, especially with a small, non-match, non-competition, carry pistol. 

So, I have a P-10F, which is every bit as good as my P-09, a P-10C that is close to the P-07, and this little P-10S which is becoming my favorite of the whole safe full of 9mm polymer CZ's.  The 75B and 97B"E" are still my bullseye match guns, but the plastic guns are excellent modern pistols. 


Joe L:
There is one problem with the audio track in the video above.  The automatic gain control (AGC) on the target camera took over on a few of the hits and drastically reduced the sound recorded of the bullet hitting the steel.  I didn't try to level up the volume from the recorded track for the instances where the AGC kicked in.  On paper targets, AGC isn't a problem as the sound track from the target camera isn't critical to the final video.  On steel, I used the sound from the target camera (with AGC on auto, my mistake) to capture the "dings" and used the recorder on me to capture the gun blast and my brilliant commentary, 50 yards away.  I almost got it right!   :)


That's incredible, Joe !

Thanks for posting that.

I was quite shocked to see just how accurate the P-10S is, being a subcompact CCW pistol. CZ really got that one right!


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