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HO HO HO!!!!

I SAID, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! none of that "happy holidays" nonsense here...

Welcome to the annual CZ Forum Gift Giving!!

We have some presents under the virtual tree already, wonder what's inside?

And a few of our own!

We'll get the stupid legalese out of the way way quick - no firearms/firearm parts may be shipped outside of the United States. Firearms, (if under the tree), will ONLY be shipped to Federal Firearms Licensees for transfer to winners. Firearms are available to members with one year, in good standing, with 100 posts. 100 posts of "welcome" in the New Members forum will NOT cut it - we want people to be involved. Any item restricted in the location of the winner will be redrawn or placed in the kitty for next year, at Admin discretion - I'm not going to jail to send a 30 round mag to Cali, sorry, I work in prison, no desire to live there. Winners of NON firearm prizes OUTSIDE of the US will get them; if the company/individual  can't/won't ship it to Australia, they can send it to me and I will pay for it. Winners must be legally able to take possession of gifts in their location, i.e., if you win a firearm, (NOT saying there IS one, of course...), you must be able to pass the background check and be of legal age, etc., etc., you know the drill...

I need a break from are my favorite singing ladies again, Celtic Woman!!

Ahem...OK, back to it - items won must be legal to recieve where they are won. No warranty or guarantee of/or fitness for purpose or any of that legal mumo jumbo...CZ Forum will be held harmless, etc., etc., is this giving you a headache, too? Egad. MORE MUSIC!!!

Ah, I feel better now. How about you?

Simple rules to enter, entries are from now until midnight, Christmas Day, Arizona time. Simply post "enter me, please", that's all that's needed, but you can sayother stuff too, we aren't elitist. ;) Any members wishing to add to the pile under the digital tree are welcome to do so, please PM me, and THANK YOU!!

This is to make sure, YOU, the members, know that without you, this forum is nothing but empty electrons...thank you for being here. Thank you very much.

So, lets start off with one reveal, shall we? I hate suspense, don't use...? HAH!

No...not the actual rifle, but the T-SHIRT! Not available anywhere in the US but here, through the activities of a real Czech Santa. 1 Large, 3 XL, and one XXL!

And we have 4 Mysterious Czech firearm t-shirts, 3 L, one XL, and no, I'm not gonna tell you what they are until you get one! :)

We also have some other stuff I have to dig out of the prize vault.


All items shipped from the armored household come from a house with cats and a big dog - if you are allergic to animal fur, (it's AMAZING where that stuff gets to!), please advise - I have no way to ship hypoallergenically.

Oh, enough of this, how about one more Celtic Woman song?

...what, you haven't typed "enter me yet"...?


And the first of those mysterious and mischievous brothers, the Anonymous boys, has stepped up with a set of Cajun Gun Works grips for a CZ75 full size, G10 grips in burnt orange/black! Nice, thank you!


LOK Grips has stepped up with two sets of thier grips, winner choose anything already on the website! Neat! Thank you, LOK!


There's another package coming in...what could it be???? Aha! Something for you P-07 guys - a duty style holster, rugged and tough, from the Czech Republic!


A two item giveaway, one each to winners, starting with an ATI adjustable rifle/PCC strap/sling! This is from another Anonymous brother - very bountiful family, they are!

Then something everyone uses, a nice soft pistol case - safe queens must be pampered to and from the line. :D


Another of those wonderful Anonymous brothers has stepped up with a custom set of LOK grips, whatever you want! Sweet!


Here's something you don't see very often under the tree, from another of those wonderful Anonymous boys, (their mom was great, wasn't she?), a pair of barrels, 17 hmr and a 22lr 455/457 barrels. Both brand new. American profile. Now that might be something really neat for a 455/457 owner?

Please add "455" to your entry if you can use this unique gift.


I got a phone call from one of the Anonymous brothers, (who knew they had relatives in Timbuktu?), who said this;
"I am clearing out some items, and came across a set of VZ Grips Tactical Diamonds in Black Cherry for the 75 Compact. Very lightly used, but no screws"

This is the grip Christmas for certain! Thank you! Love that family, tellin' ya.


One of the older Anonymous brothers sent me this message...

"I need to put something under the tree.  Nothing big.

This year it is a Blackhawk Universal Tactical 1.25" Sling (P/N 70UT00BK)

"This is the "original" M-16 style 1 1/4" tactical sling. Made of nylon webbing and super heavy duty plastic hardware. One size fits all and is fully adjustable."

Merry Christmas to all."

Geez what a cool family! I need to see if they will adopt me...


Hah, I knew it - that family kicks in AGAIN!

"1st is a P10c cleaning mat.

 2nd is a Shadow 2 cleaning mat."

Dang, we are filling out that tree mat aren't we?  :o 8) 8) 8)


Well, I missed one package hiding behind another - Cajun sent us TWO packages, not one...hmm, wonder what is inside?


Oh, now THIS is awesome, thank you for this lovely donation to our pile!

" This is what I call a Ying Yang knife. The blade is 440C stainless steel with a hardness of C-57/58. The overall length is approximately 6" with a 2 1/4" cutting edge. Handles are black ebony with an oil and wax finish, and it comes with a leather sheath."

Oh. Wow.  8) 8) 8) 8)

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Enter me PLEASE.

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Enter me please.

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Oh yeah, enter me please. I believe I'll have something to add to the kitty as well.
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Yeet! Enter me
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Enter me, please.

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

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Enter me please!

Merry Christmas! 

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Enter Me Please


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 "enter me, please"
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Enter me, please!

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Enter me, Please!

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"enter me, please"

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Enter me please!
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Enter me please.

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It’s “enter me yet”

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