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Shadow 2 Orange questions
« on: January 23, 2020, 10:02:58 PM »
Hey everyone, I have a few questions about my S2O that I hope someone here can answer for me.

   Let me start off by saying that I am fairly well versed on building ARs and modding Glocks and a few other pistols and have been doing so for 30+ years, l’m by no means an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I can normally do ok with a few platforms, but lemmie tell you, my motto is “if it ain’t broke, gimmie a minute”  ;D

     Anyhow my S2O shipped with several extra springs, 2 recoil, 2 hammer, 1 firing pin (I think) in baggies and I “assume” the extra springs are lighter than stock weights but nothing is marked or labeled , I mean nadda, zilch & zip info was included, I sent CZ an email asking “what was what” and was told “the extra springs & spring buffers are for tuning the gun”, well no +^#+ lmao.

    Does anyone happen to know what weights each of the recoil springs, hammer springs (and what I assume) firing pin spring that came as extras are?

    I understand the recoil springs and what they’ll do in the gun and I believe the hammer springs primarily change the double action pull weight and the sear affects the single action performance, I’d just like to know if the S2O needs an extended firing pin if I use the lightest included hammer spring, or if the included springs are still heavy enough for reliable ignition, I don’t remember the exact spring weight but if I understand correctly, if I go too light with the included springs is an extended firing pin needed?

    Also, 2 of the buffers are black plastic and 2 are clear plastic, can anyone shed some light on what the difference is, varying thickness aside I’m a Complete n00b to spring buffers.

   My basic knowledge of tuning Grockz is if you go with say a 5lb striker spring you will be fine if you use “soft” primers,  but freezing temps can cause light strikes on primers that worked fine in warmer weather and if you go below a certain striker spring weight you pretty much need to have an extended striker, of course that is a simplified example but I just wanted to get the gist of the point of my question out there.

    So are there basic “rules” I need to be aware of when playing around with spring weights, buffer types & thickness and firing pins/springs?

   Thanks in advance.

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Re: Shadow 2 Orange questions
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2020, 09:24:12 AM »
I too would like to know the differences between the clear buffers and the black. When my Shadow SP-01 Orange arrived it came only with the clear buffers with the thicker ones having an extra "lip" for added thickness and thinner versions are minus this lip. All of the black ones I've seen do not have this extra smaller lip.

Just speculation but perhaps the black ones appear to be the new version and may wear differently or have a different recoil impulse? It would be good if CZ offered an explanation of the different variations.

Regarding the FP spring, I suggest the Rami version offered by CZC. If you go too light, you run the risk of having the FP plate slip down and lock your slide to the frame. Not an issue with the FP block versions.

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Re: Shadow 2 Orange questions
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2020, 12:09:04 PM »
I can’t answer all of your questions since my Shadow 2 is the regular gun, not the Orange model, and did not come with a selection of springs.  I’m surprised the springs were not labeled as to which weight they were.  One thing you might try is gauging them based on the thickness of the wire to determine which one of heavier, lighter, etc.  Unfortunately unless you have a spring tester you won’t know the weight. 

With regard to springs, a lot of Shadow 2 owners who want to improve their trigger pull and tune the gun’s recoil to their specific load do try different weight main springs and recoil springs.  The lightened firing pin spring is to help ensure reliable primer ignition when you use lower weight main springs. 

I can’t recall offhand what the stock mainspring weight is, but the two most common after market mainsprings people like to use are the 13 and 11.5 lb springs.  I’ve found that if you use the 11.5 lb mainspring its also a good idea to install an extended firing pin and reduced weight FP spring to ensure reliable primer ignition.  Some people even go down as low as 8.5 lbs but that generally requires the extended FP and reduced weight FP springs as well as only using Federal primers (since they are softer). 

Another spring to consider is the Trigger Return Spring.  That spring has been known to break after extended firing (or DA dry firing) and should be considered a consumable item.  CGW sells a reduced weight TRS that will drop an additional 1/2 lb from your overall trigger pull weight.  If you go this route its also recommended to get the CGW trigger pin since it makes removal and replacement of the TRS easier. 

As far as recoil spring, that depends on the ammunition you’re shooting.  I use a 10 lb recoil spring but I’m shooting relatively powder-puff  loads for competition. 

Cajun Gun Works sells all the above mentioned springs and pins, and to CGW’s credit they color code the spring weights so you don’t have the confusion of not know which one is what. 

In my S2, I have the CGW TRS, TRS trigger pin, 11.5 lb mainspring, extended firing pin w/ reduced weight FP spring, and 10 lb recoil spring.  When first installed, it resulted in a DA pull of 7 lbs and SA of 2.5 lbs.  After several thousand rounds and a DIY polish job of internals my DA is now 6 lbs and SA is 2 lbs.  More important than the weight, the DA is smooth with no stacking or gritty feeling so it feels lighten than it really is. 

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Re: Shadow 2 Orange questions
« Reply #3 on: January 24, 2020, 12:16:17 PM »
As far as recoil buffer, I’m typically not a fan of buffers due to a bad experience with one coming apart on me during a match and jamming up the gun (a 1911).  Some people feel the same way and the first thing they do is remove the buffer. 

That said, when I first got my Shadow 2 I decided to leave it in there and see how long it lasted before it started to deteriorate.  Mine is the black one.  I also ran a series of drills with and without the buffer installed, and honestly could not tell any difference in felt recoil, speed, group size, etc.  So I’ve continued to leave mine in there, and I’m somewhere in the neighborhood of 7K rounds and the buffer still looks brand new. 

This experience has not prompted me to install buffers in any of my other guns, but I’m going to keep running it in my Shadow 2 until something happens that makes me change my mind.