Author Topic: 75B, Shadow 2 and Shadow 2 Orange for USPSA/IDPA competition (rare carrying too)  (Read 136 times)

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Evening y'all, I would like recommendations from those who are willing to help. I'm looking at a new 75 variant. I want to shoot in production class competition. I have never shot competitively before and I wouldn't expect to win but it would be fun to improve and put a good showing as well hopefully. I would occasionally carry it too I mean I'm not a carrying sort of guy but occasionally when I'm in the mood I will carry it so how it is to carry isn't a priority.

I've decided between the 75B, Shadow 2 and Shadow 2 Orange. I love how the Shadows are good production guns but I would have to save up for both which I'm willing to do.

The 75B I can get at my local gun shop for like 580 and I know they are still good. I'm considering it because sure it doesn't look as good as the Shadows. It doesn't have the improvements like the Shadows but if I'm not gonna win then I can save the money and the 75 is enough for my competitive skill level I presume. I can afford it now and i can get out there. I guess is my logic but what do you think?

TL:DR Which gun should i get out of these 3 for occasional competitive Production use? Thanks

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If you are thinking IDPA (as the title says) then the 75B is the only legal gun of those 3.