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proven caliber (for me)
« on: March 12, 2020, 10:15:47 AM »
After this past season, I have to admit that I am finally fully convinced that the 7.62x39 (in my CZ 527 carbine) is fully up to the task for deer and hog hunting. I've taken pigs with it before, but always had waited until after I had a deer in the freezer by means of other, more powerful calibers before taking the smaller rifle out in the field for more "casual" hunting.

This year, I hunted with the carbine pretty well early on, and it did the job more than once. Always at fairly modest range, with the Wolf 153 gr soft point ammo. Granted, all shots were under 100 yards. It wasn't that I ever really doubted the cartridge's capability, I think my hesitation centered on the idea that I might get a shot, and for whatever reason fail to anchor the game.....then end up blaming the round to some extent and spoil my hunting with it. Not sure if that makes sense or not. I have shot deer with much more powerful rounds and had them run off, sometimes finding them and others not- so all in all I know better than to "blame the bullet" as they say.

I really enjoy hunting with this little rifle. I have a place I sometimes sit that it wouldn't be up to the possible ranges involved, but other than that it has a lot of hunting to do in the future.