Author Topic: New Kadet 2 for CZ 75B  (Read 171 times)

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New Kadet 2 for CZ 75B
« on: March 23, 2020, 11:39:04 AM »
I recently got a Kadet kit for my 75b.  I had to take a file to it to get it to fit but was ready for that after looking around the site.  I took it to the range and after 50 rounds or so, it functioned as well or better than any .22 pistol I’ve ever messed with.  In fact, the only rifle I can think of that runs better is my ancient Marlin M60.  It groups well too as long as you don’t mind said groups being high at 10 yards and higher the farther out you go.  There’s not enough adjustment in the rear sight to get it even close to point of aim.  Being the kind of guy I am, I went ahead and ran a brick of old Remington Thunderbolt through it aiming at the bottom of the target and getting nice groups about 2 inches high of center.

After taking to Dstinett, I called CZ this morning and they’re more than happy for me to send my slide in and let them sort it out BUT…..  They’re closing tomorrow for at least a month because the Governor of MO doesn’t think they’re an essential business during the plague.  I’d argue that but to no avail I’m sure.  At this point I just hope the governor of TX keeps the gun and liquor stores open.  Anyway, I’ve seen all kinds of stuff written about different front sight heights and I’m sure I came up with a short one (no comments please).  I wouldn’t mind having a set of fixed sights on it as long as I was sure they’d hit at the point of aim.  I guess I’ll wait it out and let CZ figure out what the issue is before I mess with getting a set of fixed sights so I’ll know what height to go with.

Anyway, I can see where I’m really going to like the Kadet as soon as I can get it to hit where I put the front sight.  It’ll make for some cheap training.

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Re: New Kadet 2 for CZ 75B
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2020, 07:22:37 PM »
Hey Kevin:
Sorry to hear CZ-USA is shutdown for the VC-19

If you feed the urge, here's a Site that has both a Black Serrated (1 @ 0.215")

And their Fiber Optics Front Sights has 9 options with a "calculator" to find the right one for your KADET

Hope you get it sorted out
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