Author Topic: BREN 2 MS - this belongs here AND in reloading...  (Read 221 times)

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BREN 2 MS - this belongs here AND in reloading...
« on: April 06, 2020, 10:01:51 PM »
So, I did this...

BREN 2 MS with Shockwave brace - the SB3 was too "squishy"... I wanted to chrono loads, and get accuracy, table was set at approximately 50 yards to the paper target, but the sights were WAY off, (6 inches up and 2 to the left), so I switched to the rifle rated steel you see, made it about 60 yards range. See, I forgot this thing...the sight adjustment tool...oops. All rounds fired from "the bench", even though I discovered the front rest won't adjust high enough with the 30 round mags. All magazines worked just fine. The ONLY weird thing was three times the AR style bolt release failed to release the bolt, just clicked. The bolt release inside the trigger guard worked perfectly. The firearm was cleaned and lubricated prior to shooting...this time.

This is what I found;

Old school Wolf, from about 1992. Last of the case. Not bad. 2205 FPS.

Red Army Standard. I was told this was remanufactured Romanian ammo. It seemed to work OK. 2200 FPS.

Also had some Tula steel case. Again, not shabby. 2156 FPS.

Then I tried reloads...

160 gr Lee - if you use the bullet, load it shorter than I did, jammed up HARD that first round, had to mortar it out, jammed into the lands and grooves. The rest worked OK under recoil. I'll need to reseat these deeper. 1739 FPS.

129 gr NOE cast, 21.5 grains of AA#1680. This has been my go-to cast 78.62x39mm load for years.

I'm liking this. But then, as time grew short, I shot 5 more from the standing position, Red Army Standard. Hmm...

All in all I was very impressed with the trigger and the smoothness of the operation. The firearm is VERY light and I could see carrying this for many hours hunting or other uses. I will get it back out tomorrow and see about getting the sights adjusted correctly. Mikey likes it, as the saying goes...

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Re: BREN 2 MS - this belongs here AND in reloading...
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2020, 05:22:19 PM »
Now that I have the sight adjustment tool...shall we?

Got on target at 50, moved back to 100 yards, lets see how we do.

Got warm fast.

Red Army Standard, last three, still working on windage.

Tula, worked well, one bullseye.

Home cast load, vertical stringing means it was my fault - pistols are NOT easy to shoot at 100 yards...ask Joe L.  ;D However, I like this, another bullseye.

That sight adjustment tool is a real must-have. I also discovered one REALLY odd thing - when I switched from battle sight to small pepp...MPOI went UP cy 6 inches at 100 yards. Switch back to battle sight, right back on target. Odd. The AR style bolt release held up again, so I switched exclusively to the one inside the trigger guard, worked great for me. Functioning was excellent, bolt feels like it's running on oiled glass. The trigger is so smooth it's like 50 year old whiskey. Actually got the surprise break more than once.
This is a keeper. Just plain fun, and BTW, the barrel STILL looked clean...took very little effort to clean the firearm right up. This was a good one to get.