Author Topic: Kadet today in the wind at 50 and 100 yards  (Read 194 times)

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Kadet today in the wind at 50 and 100 yards
« on: April 24, 2020, 08:04:32 PM »
So, I made it to the range AGAIN!  Today was rifle range only, bench rest pistol shooting, practicing my technique.  Good thing I wasn't expecting fantastic small groups, because the wind was blowing 20 mph, gusting higher and the shooting line isn't sided at this range.  I spent a lot of time just holding stuff down on the bench or trying to collect it down wind.  Double stapled the targets. 

Since it was practice day I started out with the 75B Kadet at 50 yards, made a zero change for the altitude, got it close enough in 20 rounds (see target on the left below), and went right to the 100 yard targets.  I set an aim point a little higher than I did in West Texas, but it wasn't enough.  I got it close enough after two 10 shot targets and then shot the target on the right below.  I was sharing the bay by then so I spread out my cease fire requests by shooting 20 rounds instead of 10.  Besides, the wind was so bad that I didn't have any expectations of anything other than a shotgun blast target anyway.  So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw 20 holes in the target, all a little low and spread out, but still a good target for me under the conditions.

Next was the P-10S.  I struggled with it in the wind.  I simply could not steady the red dot, so I never got a good target today.  I don't think anything is wrong, it is just me trying to adapt in the wind after shooting the soft and quiet .22.  And I was under a shed and had company shooting a .308 at 100 yards preparing for a weekend hog hunt.  I guess I was rattled by the conditions. 

But any day at the range is a good day.  And I was very happy with the way I was able to shoot the Kadet in what I thought was tough shooting conditions.

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