Author Topic: New CZ All American Single Trap Forend will not release and lever stuck part way  (Read 337 times)

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Just took delivery of my CZ All American Single Trap (34 inch) 2 days ago. I took it out of the case and assembled it and then went to disassemble and the forend will not budge plus the forend release lever won't close all the way. The CZ folks are closed for the day.


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Before writing multiple questions, partially because I just saw your post CZ over unders seem to be tight in the metal to metal parts based on what I have seen.  I have not opened and closed barrel to stock or remove forend on a single barrel AA trap model. I learned to use some lube (very small amount) at a time to open close barrel to action as well as the forend metal as well.  I would hope that you reached a technical person at CZ.